February 6, 2014
Youth Video Project - Reminder

We are inviting youth to submit videos for our YouTube channel. Advisory council member, Imani Cruz, created an animation on cerebral palsy to educate others and promote more awareness and acceptance of cerebral palsy. Click here to view... And let us know if you are interested in working on a video project with YLF! It can be fun, and it is an example of leadership. We can change hearts and minds about disability and show our community what it means to live with disability. And we can showcase youth who are helping out in their communities and making the world a better place for everyone. Use your ideas and creativity - there are many cool possibilities!

Featured Service Activities
We are happy to share a great service opportunities. There are many more on our website. Click on our Events Calendar link for many more ways that youth can be involved in the community, and for details on the featured service activities below:
Recent Activities
We are keeping very busy in the community! Occasionally, we like to highlight one of our more exciting events.
Recently, we volunteered with 100 Strong Who Care with Minneapolis Public Schools. Click here for our blog, which has a link to the 100 Strong Who Care Facebook page...
Guest Author - James R. Meadours
We are honored to share an article that was written for us by longtime self-advocate, James R. Meadours, who went from institutionalized living to a full and meaningful life in the community. Here he speaks to youth about dreams....
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Get involved and have a great time!
We are keeping busy in the community, and the more the merrier! Let us know if you would like to be in on the fun. 
We are always adding new opportunities and information to our website, which we hope you will visit often to hear about our latest news.
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YLF Partnering with Arc Greater Twin Cities to Host *Public Policy Event* on February 11
YLF is excited to partner with Arc Greater Twin Cities to host a public policy event, on Tuesday, February 11, from 5:00 to 7:30, with a panel discussion from 6:30 to 7:30...click here for the full blog article...

YLF Cosponsoring Rally with Arc Minnesota and Disability Organizations on March 18
YLF is excited to cosponsor a rally. This is one of the biggest disability community rallies all legislative session and we are a cosponsor this year with many other organizations, like State Council on Disability, Arc MN, the Brain Injury Association, People First MN, Self-Advocates MN, MN Association for Centers for Independent Living, and the MN Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities. We have never seen a youth give a rally speech before, and we are about to mentor one for the first time. Goooooo, youth, rock the world!!! We have your back! For more information, please click here for our blog article, which has a link to a printable flyer that we encourage you to share........

YLF Partnering with MCTIC to Host *Transition Job Fair* on May 13
Hosted by the Minneapolis Community Transition Interagency Committee (MCTIC), a partner of YLF, the Transition Job Fair will take place on Tuesday, May 13, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at:   Phelps Community Center: 701 E 39th St, Minneapolis, MN 55407.  Phelps is located near Transition Plus at 39th Street & Chicago Ave.
This is for transition-aged youth who are seeking employment.  Click here for our full blog article...

U of MN: Connecting Through Service (CTS)
We will be sharing many resources from the University of Minnesota. Click here to learn more about CTS......
U of MN: Mentoring Resources
The University of Minnesota's Institute on Community Integration at the Research and Training Center on Community Living has a wealth of information, resources, support, and products. Here is some helpful information for mentors, from their website.....
U of MN: Youth Resources
"Youth mentoring, as addressed by the Institute, is when experienced adults have a forum to share their knowledge and/or wisdom with youth with disabilities to support their professional growth and development and to benefit the overall community. The Institute focuses on both traditional mentoring and electronic or e-mentoring." Click here for more information.....
Higher Education Network
We are excited to share that we are developing a Higher Education Network of disability-related groups in local colleges and universities. They may be disability services departments or disabled student groups. We invite higher education institutions to join our network and for youth to check them out to learn about ways to connect with higher education networks and college students. For more details on our growing network, click here to go to our website....
Mission Statement: 
The Youth Legacy Foundation engages youth in humanitarian, charitable, and service activities to empower them to lead exemplary lives and create their legacies in the community while making a difference and changing the world.


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