Clean water for God's thirsty children
Partnerships Increase Our Ability to Change Lives
Our Mission Partnerships make it possible to equip, train, and support more Water Women around the world who will provide clean water to their own and 3 other families.
To learn more about partnering to sponsor Water Women, please contact Debbie Robson:

If you are a member of an organization who might be interested in partnering with us for your mission site, please contact Sister Barbara Smith for more information.
The Daughters of Penelope:
Women Helping Women Provide Water With Blessings

By Linda Andrews-Natale

From natural disaster relief, to raising funds to eliminate life threatening diseases, to making significant contributions to our local municipalities, the Daughters of Penelope is at the forefront of charitable giving.

There are 27 US/Canada districts, and others in Greece, Germany, France, Belgium, the UK, and Austria. I am currently the president of the Chloris #40 chapter in Canton, Ohio, as well as Marshal of Buckeye District 11.

We first learned of WWB at our district convention in June 2018. Marsha Serendis from the Louisville Chapter presented WWB to us. We were so impressed and moved by her presentations and demonstration that it was literally a no brainer to jump on board. Marsha’s expanation, “WOMEN HELPING WOMEN” / “MOTHERS HELPING MOTHERS,” resonated with me. 
The Daughters of Penelope

This was a project where we could make a difference, no matter how much we raised. Whether it was enough to cover the cost of one filter or 20, we could immediately help save lives – and then when you do the math to see how many lives could be saved for very little, it just blew me away.

When I returned from the convention I shared what I had learned with some friends, ordered my own filter to use for demos, and went through an online training (with two others) to become a WWB ADVOCATE. My chapter embraced the WWB PROJECT that year.

I shared the project at our district workshop in the fall, our church women’s group and at our district fundraising event in the spring. We raised money doing little door prize raffles at each or our meetings. Over the course of our first year the Canton chapter raised just under $2,000, and this year nearly another thousand. This year the ladies from the North Royalton/Cleveland chapter (ERINY’S #355), who were also impressed with WWB, made it their focus and raised $3,100. 

At our virtual convention in June of this year we decided to keep the project for the 2020-21 year. With WWB, we know we are really making a difference and this has warmed our hearts.
This Thursday, Please Help Us By Giving For Good,
Even If You're Not in Louisville!
Give for Good Louisville:
An Opportunity to
Double Your Donation

(Even If You Live Somewhere Else)

Give For Good Louisville 2020, sponsored by the Community Foundation of Louisville, takes place on September 17. It highlights the great work being done by area nonprofit organizations, and focuses on the need to do well by doing good.

You don't even have to live in Kentucky to take advantage of this great opportunity. Simply click the link below, and you will find a link to Give for Good Louisville 2020 on the front page of the Water With Blessings website. Remember, it's just one day: September 17, starting at 12:01 am!

And once again, anonymous donors and a charitable foundation have stepped forward to double your donation with a matching gift towards a total of $15,000. Please consider taking advantage of their generosity and the opportunity to add to the number of Water Women serving their families and communities around the world.

The Community Foundation of Louisville has secured over $300,000 from generous community partners for the Give For Good Louisville 2020 Prize Pool. One of the challenges for the day is called “Far and Wide,” going to the nonprofit with donations from the most states, or the first to receive donations from all 50 states.

By clicking the button below, you can make your own gift AND (if you would like) help us by raising awareness and other funding for Water With Blessings.
Please help make Give For Good Louisville a great day for us!
Join Us For our Give For Good Louisville Tiny Street Fair
In Person or By ZOOM, 1-4 pm

Louisville area supporters, join us at our Tiny Street Fair at 103 North Madison Street in Middletown. There will be a crafts area, you can tie-dye a t-shirt, and eat some delicious Graeters Ice Cream...and play Water Reveal for valuable prizes! We'll also be broadcasting via ZOOM with updates on our Give For Good progress, at noon, 3, and 6pm. It's all going to be a quick opportunity with monitored social distancing! Masks are a must, but you can get a mask from us!

Whether in person or by clicking the link below, please join us and celebrate our growing number of Water Women around the world!
Can We Cover 50 States?
We Need Your Help
Got a grandmother in Grand Rapids? A sister in Seattle? How about cousins in Cleveland?

We need their help, and yours!

This year, as part of the annual Give for Good Louisville campaign, the Community Foundation of Louisville is donating $1,000 to the organization receiving gifts (even very small ones) from the most states. That would support more than a dozen new Water Women.

The Water With Blessings family already extends across many parts of the country, but we still have some gaps in the map.

So please ask your family and friends, wherever they may be, to consider making a small gift this Thursday, between midnight and midnight, Eastern time.

You could forward them this email, and they can click on the link just above. Also, we have created a form you can use to let us send them a reminder and link.

Just click below and fill out the form. You'll be giving them a great chance to Give for Good. And thank you for your continuing generosity!
Coffee Chat With the Daughters of Penelope
This week, we'll be featuring our partners The Daughters of Penelope. We'll discuss how they learned about Water With Blessings, and how they are encouraging others to join us.

So please grab a morning beverage and join us for inspiring and joyful conversation and community.
I was thirsty,
and you gave me to drink...

Perhaps too often, people don't appreciate the precious gift of clean water. We thank you for bringing clean water to God's thirsty children who don't have that luxury.

May you yourself be blessed for the blessings you share with God's littlest sisters and brothers.
We believe every child should be drinking clean water. Are you with us?
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