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The holidays end, and soon it's September - with fresh faces, and big changes - everything starts getting busy again. 


At Buddings, as much as we're excited for all the new season has to bring, we're not quite ready to say goodbye to summer. Our snacks this week are an ode to the sweetest of summer treats: Peaches! "Friend" us on Facebook to catch all the juicy details. 


But September is the month of reunions, and new friends, and new chapters. Our manager Jayme starts her next great adventure, heading off to finish her degree, and we know you'll join us in wishing her good luck. 


We hope you'll also help us welcome our newest teachers, Sarah and Heather, who'll be taking over from Jayme, as well as increasing our service hours to include Saturdays, starting Sept. 13.  


... WHAT?? Did you read that right? Saturdays, starting Sept. 13?? 


Shhh... We're getting ready to release the details. 


September is starting! Time to get going!


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Summer Snacks Get Peachy
Good luck Jayme, Welcome Sarah and Heather!
100 Happy Kids Party Recap
Sneak Peak: Saturdays start soon
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Three more weeks of summer... That's just peachy!

Summer's not over! It can't be! The weather is still hot. The trees are still green, and most importantly, the peaches are still in season! On her long weekend roadtrip to the sunny Okanagan Talia brought back a humongous box of everyone's favourite fuzzy fruit, and we're going to savour the last tastes of the season with a week of peachy creations. 

Check our Google Calendar every day this week (and bookmark it for future reference) to find out what delicious peach snacks we'll be whipping up, and follow along on our Facebook page for the recipes. We'll be posting them, with the kids' reactions every day!  

Buddings is social! Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to keep up with all the Buddings happenings. 

Good luck, Jayme. We'll miss you! Welcome Sarah and Heather!


With fondest farewells, we say goodbye this month to our daycare manager and toddler expert, Jayme Ross. 

She's heading off to further hone her skills as a care giver, pursuing a degree with Douglas College in Child and Youth Care. We know the kids will miss her wide smile and easy laugh, but no one will miss her more than the teachers, staff, and newsletter editor. (Bye, Jayme!)

The kindergarteners may be sticking around Buddings for a bit longer, but Jayme's schooling starts on schedule and she's diving right in. Her farewell post is on the blog, and if you'd like to wish her well, you can contact her via email

There are two new teachers stepping in to take her place, and you'll be hearing more about Sarah and Heather as we come to know them better in the coming weeks. 

In the meantime, definitely take a moment to introduce yourself. They're both wonderful educators, excited to step into their roles at Buddings, and we want them to feel extra welcome. 
100 Happy Kids Party Recap
Our third annual summer party went down without a hitch on a gorgeous day at the end of August, and if you were among the 100 Happy Kids, THANK YOU for sharing the day with us! 

What fun! Check the party recap post to see how it went. 

Huge thank yous to all the party sponsors, for sweet treats, tales of adventure, dance revolutions, and for capturing the moments:

More big thanks to our dj on deck, Dek Wreka and the artist at the facepainting table, Jaimie Dale.

Do you have an amazing photo of the group dance? Send us your best shot of the whole group getting "Happy" to win dinner for the family, and a chance to have your pic published on Urban Baby & Toddler Magazine. 

Sneak Peek: Saturday Service Starts in September!
Starting Sept. 13, Buddings is pleased to offer flexible occasional childcare on Saturdays, with up to 12 spots available every hour from 10am to 4pm. 

And we want to fill them up! 

The teachers are putting together a schedule of special presenters, awesome activities, and fun experiences every weekend.

You'll soon start seeing Saturdays on the booking calendar and of course, there's no extra cost for signing in. If you're a member, you can just click the day and fill in the hours - soon, 6 days a week!

Watch this space next week for details of the program of events. And there might even be a special prize, just for booking in. We'll let you know ;)
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