August 11, 2015
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The news of the past week has focused on Donald Trump's comments during and after Thursday's GOP debate. You can read analyses of those comments in this week's On the Bias, but there is more to the gender story of this race. Don't miss our daily updates on Facebook and Twitter to monitor the myriad ways in which we see and interpret gender as the campaign continues.
Expert Analysis
Making Black Women Visible in Presidential Politics: A Conversation About Race, Gender, and Running for the Oval Office
Dr. Niambi Carter, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Howard University, weighs in on race, gender, and presidential politics historically and in the 2016 campaign. Read more here .     

Likeability: It's Different for Women  
PGW Expert Adrienne Kimmell reviews research from the Barbara Lee Family Foundation to remind us that perceptions of candidate qualifications are tied to likeability for women, but not for men.  Read more here

Everyone's Playing the Gender Card: The Question is How
P GW Expert Kelly Dittmar argues that all presidential candidates play the gender card, explaining that for most of American history that has meant proving they are "man enough" for the job. Read more here.
And don't forget to check out our latest installment of On the Bias, where we talk about the trope of "crazy women," the labor of listening to ladies, and other news that reminds us that politics is no "gender-neutral" world.
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Did you follow along with #genderwatch2016 during the #GOPDebate last week? See our Storify summary of the night on Twitter here

Facts & Figures

Don't miss the latest facts and figures at Presidential Gender Watch. Here are some recent highlights:
New research in the journal Political Behavior by Drs. Valerie Hennings and R. Urbatsch shows that choosing a woman for a prominent leadership position actually decreases the chance that a woman will be chosen for any associated leadership position. The Washington Post reviews these findings as an indicator that Hillary Clinton is unlikely to choose a female running mate.

The most recent Public Policy Polling Iowa poll, fielded immediately after Thursday's debate, shows little damage to Trump among Republican voters. However, the gender gap in IA voters' favorability toward Trump is nearly 20 percentage points (36% women, 55% men), the largest among all Republican candidates.
Who won Thursday's GOP Debates? According to Google, Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina topped the list by measure of Google traffic during their respective debates.
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