Issue No. 176 | Oct. 24, 2019
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Weekly Reading
According to Richard McGregor in The Guardian last July, "The party’s efforts to place itself inside private companies have been, according to its own figures, very successful..." with a consistent aim "to ensure that the private sector, and individual entrepreneurs, do not become rival players in the political system."

To take a closer look at the latest on "party building" work in private companies, check out this long read with a 3-minute intro video. It is p art of a人民网 series called "70年70问." The 问 in this article is " 中国的民营企业为什么要加强党的建设?"

For even more background, here is an infographic summary of Xi Jinping's lengthy October 2 article on Party Building published in the 19th issue of Qiushi .
俗语 from Xi Jinping's Speeches
fēi yī rì zhī gōng

Meaning: Cannot be done in one day, e.g. Rome was not built in one day (罗马非一日之功)

Original: "推动黄河流域生态保护和高质量发展,非一日之功。"

Xi Jinping used this suyu in a speech at a forum about the protection and development of the Yellow River on September 18th, 2019.

Here's another similar, commonly used expression:
bīng dòng sǎn chǐ fěi yǐ rì zhī hán

Meaning: ice three feet thick can't be frozen in one day.
HK Media
According to Nieman Reports , the Hong Kong protests "have been a major boon for independent media outlets, namely: Hong Kong Free Press, Stand News, Initium Media, and CitizenNews. As fundraisers and subscriptions show, a free press remains a core public value, especially as the protests have introduced a new level of physical threat."

For those of you interested in reading Hong Kong-based media in both traditional and simplified Chinese, consider checking out Initium Media (端傳媒) as a resource.

You can also listen to these English-language podcasts about Hong Kong: Hong Kong on the Brink by CSIS and the latest episode of This American Life, ' Umbrellas Up .'
The second season of the stand-up comedy competition series 脱口秀大会 (Rock & Roast) has quickly become one of the hottest reality TV shows in China.

In each weekly episode (10 total), seven contestants perform 10-minute stand-up routines, which are ranked by the celebrity judges and the audience. Comedians with the most votes then enter the final round to become the ultimate champion.

According to a Chinosity review of the show, "all performers  use comedy to address social issues  in China."

To watch the first episode on YouTube , skip the commercials to 02:43 for the opening reel. Program begins at 04:42 . All 10 episodes are available on YouTube , Tencent video , or iQiyi .
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