Hello Friends & Neighbors, 
2016 has been a busy one so far!
National Margarita Day was a huge success, our new TEQUILA MENU kicks a$$ and our
food is better than ever!
The crowd at National Margarita Day!

Cheers to a GREAT National Margarita Day!
Our grapefruit smash is a good-lookin tasty cocktail!
Thank You for the Biggest National Margarita Day EVER,  GUAPO's Helps Cape Cod Beer Beat Cabin Fever, Brewster Opening Late Spring and More!

National Margarita Day is always a big day around here, and this year it was extra big. We partnered with our friends at Nauset Disposal and transformed margarita day into a MASSIVE fundraiser for Cape Abilities! Thanks to you guys, our loyal diners, together we raised $7,537 for Cape Abilities! - our biggest GUAPO's Gives ever. Party-goers enjoyed our famous 16 oz margaritas, delicious food and stuck around to see who won the BLIZZARD BARREL filled with over $3,000 in prizes!  

A big congratulations goes out to Lee Ford who won the Blizzard Barrel! 

Our new drink and TEQUILA menu has been a huge hit! We've rolled out some new cocktails and expanded our selection of popular tequila flights. The bar crew recommends that you shake off the last of the winter blues with our grapefruit smash -made with our house-squeezed grapefruit juice, Tito's vodka and fresh agave nectar! If that doesn't trip your trigger, our Tijuana Painkiller always goes down smooth. 

We are very much looking forward to May 1, when we open the doors to our Brewster location for the season! We're always looking for qualified staff, so if you or someone you know is looking for a sweet summer job, stop by and interview with us! 

What's better than a burrito? A deep-fried burrito!
Kyle Parker picked a peck of pickling peppers!
GUAPO's Did You Know? 

You can order any burrito on our menu chimi-fied! Though we're all about eating clean and cooking light - our rice is butter-free and all vegetables are delivered fresh daily and hand-chopped by our talented kitchen crew - sometimes you just need something deep-fried and satisfied. Try chimi-fying our Costa Rican burrito for a delicious mix of fried and fresh!


We house pickle all of our own vegetables! Ever walk down the aisle at the grocery store and see a jar of pickled jalapeños? Yeah, that's NOT what we us! Our jalapeños are sliced by hand and pickled according to our secret recipe by our staff each week. Ask for them the next time you're in, or order a hot blonde beer cocktail at the bar - made with freshly muddled pickled jalapeños!

We're pleased to welcome CCYP for a Lunch Connect in April!

Kerry_s cheesin_ and chippin_ at the Cabin Fever Party_

GUAPO's Community Engagement 

* We're excited to announce that we will be doing one major GUAPO's Gives party per quarter! We'll be announcing our June and December partners soon, and are so excited to work with the Animal Rescue League of Boston - Cape Cod on Mutts and Margs - a furry fiesta for people and pups - for our fall event ! Join us on April 20th for a CCYP Lunch Connect. We're cooking up a special buffet menu for the event - this is one not to be missed!

*  We're also excited to announce that we are going to be hosting the Cape Cod Sports Ambassadors in April, once again the final stop on the Cape Cod Children's Place Bar Hop on May 14!

* We had so much fun serving food to guests at the iHeartMedia Cape Cod and Cape Cod Beer for their Cabin Fever Party benefitting Figawi Charities!