Passages Class
January 13, 2019
this Sunday, Jan. 13

Rehearsing Scripture
Rev. Dr. Anna Carter Florence
All adult and youth classes will join in Wood Fellowship Hall for a lesson on "reading the verbs in Scripture".

Columbia Theological Seminary professor, Dr. Anna Carter Florence, will share her method of reading Scripture that enlivens the text in a new way.

Pen Peery says, "Anna Carter Florence was absolutely one of the best professors I had at Columbia Theological Seminary for no other reason than she helped me learn how to love the Bible on a deeper level. Anna’s passion is in making the Bible come alive to those who hear it, study it, or preach it. She is profound and accessible. I am thrilled she is going to bring her gifts and passion to ignite us this weekend."
The Apocryphal Gospels
led by Rev. Mary Margaret Porter
Did you know that there is an equally large body of writings about the Bible and Jesus that are not in the books in our pews and on our bookshelves? Many of these carry ancient stories of Jesus as a child, the beginnings of Christianity and some may have even been written by and about powerful women. Why are some books in the Bible and others are not? Who decided what to put in and what to leave out? How do we know about these other biblical writings and what should we think of them? 

Jan. 6- Intro to the Apocrypha
Jan. 20- Infancy Gospels 
Feb. 3 - The Ministry Gospels
Feb. 10 - The Passion Gospels
Feb. 17 - The Post-Resurrection Discourse Gospels