Passages Class
October 27, 2019
October 27 and Nov. 3
Why So Many Protestant Denominations?
led by Bill Stevenson
If you went to a small town in the U.S. on a Sunday, you would have a vast array of different Protestant denominations to choose from; Presbyterian, Lutheran, Methodist, Episcopalian, Brethren, United Church of Christ, Southern Baptist, Assembly of God, Society of Friends, Seventh Day Adventists, Moravian, Mennonites, etc etc.

How did this all come about? Are the differences mainly in fundamental theology or are there other forces at work?

This 2-week series will take a broad look at the Protestant movements in Europe and the U.S.

Oct. 27 - Europe - The Reformation: Personalities and Nationalities
Nov. 3 - America - Land of the Free: Awakenings and Visions
A Vision for Charlotte 2040
November 3 @5:30-7:30p.m.
Wood Fellowship Hall
Dinner and Presentation
Taiwo Jaiyeoba ,Director of Planning, Design and Development will share the status of the city’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan that will guide future development and what neighborhoods will look like in 20 years. 

Panelists will join Jaiyeoba to discuss the future of education and housing:
- Earnest Winston, CMS Superintendent
- Laura Belcher, Habitat for Humanity CEO & President

Childcare for preschool children and a program for elementary children will be provided by reservation.    Additional information is available on the website .
Home: A Sense of Belonging
November 110, 17, 24
Wood Fellowship Hall Overflow
A 3-week series about housing, eviction and homelessness
led by Kathy Izard, Tommy Holderness and Liz Classen-Kelly

Community leaders will share their callings to work with our neighbors to create not just a place but also a sense of home. Come to learn more about our neighbors’ lives and and ways to address housing issues in our community.

  • Nov. 10 - Kathy Izard, author of The Hundred Story Home and A Good Night for Mr. Coleman
  • Kathy will talk about what has been done (she was instrumental in bringing Moore Place to reality) and where they’re going. She will address the idea of belonging and what she thinks home is. 
  • Nov. 17 - Tommy Holderness, FPC Member and Attorney at Legal Aid of North Carolina
  • Tommy will talk about the connection between his calling to Union Seminary and how it led him to leave a corporate law practice to work for Legal Aid of NC. He sees home as central to belonging and will focus on evictions (stats and recent examples) and their impact on individuals and communities.
  • Nov. 24 - Liz Classen-Kelly, CEO Men’s Shelter of Charlotte and Urban Ministry Center
  • Liz will address the status of homelessness in Charlotte. More from Liz soon. 

 The Conversations and Passages classes will combine for this series. All are welcome.
What is Christian Formation?
What is Christian Formation?