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As we are sure many of you have been asked over the past few weeks, "How have you adapted to the new reality?"
Our work with families is normally very high contact. When we run a family meeting or family retreat we tend to be together for multiple days in a variety of settings from formal business meetings to social gatherings. In short order, Karma & Cents, like many other businesses had to change how we deliver our services. In this newsletter we want to share a few things that we have learned through this pivot and how we continue to support families as they build out their legacy and transition their social and financial capital to the Next Generation.
"Can you hear me?" "Can you see me?"
Family meetings in the
ZOOM era
Some you might remember the Hanna-Barbara cartoon, The Jetsons from the 1960/70's. A couple generations later and we are experiencing that which was depicted in this series. From video phone meetings to tele-medicine.
We have adapted our communication style to meet the changing landscape. This started long before COVID, for many of our clients, family members are scattered around the world, and meeting in person is not always possible. This article highlights some of the ways we are working with families across time-zones and through cyberspace.
Hanna-Barbera 1960s animated sitcom The Jetsons
60-ish Seconds of Philanthropy

Adam Aptowitzer, a partner at Drache Aptowitzer LLP shares his thoughts on a recent 60'ish Seconds of Philanthropy . These weekly videos answer questions that our clients have posed on our blog, on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Other recent topics:

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So You Want to Change the World, eh? Funder Collaborations
A few weeks ago we presented in a webinar with the University of Alberta Business School - ABFI on funder collaborations.

This webinar came about after conversations with clients about how they want charities to collaborate, but we noticed that there wasn't a lot of funders that were working in a coordinated manner to move the dial on some complex issues.
For other 2020 workshop offerings and information about our past sessions please visit our website.
Social Enterprise Feature
As part of our work with donors we have the privileged of meeting interesting folks and learning about game-changing solutions to complex social problems. We were connected to Thorn through an anonymous donor who is looking at the intersection between gender violence and justice.

Where technology meets child welfare on a global scale.
Thorn is a nonprofit that builds technology to defend children from sexual abuse. With the world's largest technical team solely dedicated to this issue, Thorn develops software and interventions to fight child sex trafficking, the creation and proliferation of child sexual abuse material, and the normalization of child sexual exploitation online. Thorn is the only independent entity developing solutions for law enforcement, tech companies, and NGOs, and this software is identifying on average 10 child victims per day and reducing investigation time by 60%.
What we are Reading
We are always updating our bookshelf . Check out the latest additions to our library. Including Melinda Gates' book Moment of Lift , Margaret Heffernan's Willful Blindness and Getting to Maybe by Frances Westley and Brenda Zimmerman.

Have a book recommendation? Please send us the suggestion and we will add it to the list.

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