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It is no surprise that Baby Boomers are retiring at an alarming rate and that the workplace is being dominated by the Millennials, but where does this leave Generation X? The simple answer is right square in the proverbial driver's seat.  

This article focuses on how and why Xers are transitioning into corporate leadership presenting a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between the older and younger workforce.

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Joe Woerner, Managing Director
Passing the Reins to Generation X

Sandwiched between two behemoth generations, lies the lesser discussed, Generation X. Born between 1965 and 1978, Xers have a tendency to be overlooked in research studies since statistics generally lean towards encompassing mass. This is unfortunate since many of these, independent thinking (possibly once rebellious), latch-key kids have turned into great leaders. As a matter of fact, already leading the majority of growing companies: 68% of Inc. 500 CEOs are Gen Xers.
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