The whole world has been put on pause! But God is still doing His work through us today!
Passing the baton to the next generation during pandemic!!!

Year for God program is about helping young people to get in close relationship with Jesus, fall in love with the church and discover their gifts and life mission.
 Young people  stay at the dormitory  outside Moscow and are involved 24/7 in all activities of the Moscow largest church! 
Last week I was invited to visit them ! What an honour it was! Because of the quarantine they all stay inside the dormitory. Y oung people from different parts of Russia , Estonia, Latvia, USA asked question about ministry and life and I had a chance to share my story and encourage them to change history of their nation for Jesus !
Miracle of provision during crisis!
This young man Daniel was 2 months behind payments f or the program and in 5 days would have to leave the program and not finish it! He asked everybody to believe for a miracle . Of course during this pandemic time people could not help him - his parents nor his church leaders did not have any money.

The very same day I was praying for my son who is also a part of this program and felt that the Holy Spirit spoke to me to sow the seed of faith .  I was asking God  where to sow it.  And in the afternoon my son texted me that I would join them in prayer for Daniel!  I knew it was an answer !!! I needed to sow the seed of faith into Daniel!     I paid for 1 month his tuition ! Daniel called to all his friends and his pastor and parents about this miracle! It was such testimony for everybody  that in the next 2 days Daniel’s debt was paid off by people encouraged by his testimony. 

Partner with us!
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