Passing the Torch 
It is important that volunteers are developed to successfully replace current volunteer leaders. Chapters that have trouble finding and keeping competent board members put themselves in peril by often keeping the same people in officer positions for way too long.  Then things keep getting done the way they have always been done, sucking the air out of chapter meetings and the excitement out of chapter members. 

Focus on these calls to action for identifying potential chapter leadership talent:

1. Implement the four officer succession  plan:  The executive committee of  chapter comprises a president, vice-president, treasurer, a secretary. This plan is a training ground.
2. Look at  committee and subcommittee chairs and project chairs: Those who distinguish themselves with good performance are leadership material.  More committees - the larger the pool of potential officers.  And make it an honor to serve on a committee.
3. Analyze the member roster for potential leaders
4. Create a nominating committee and give the committee a creative name. 
What to consider when looking for potential chapter leaders:
1.  Personality
2. Judgement
3. Commitment
4. Leadership skills
5. No personal agenda
6. Team player
7. Not all talk and no action

One of the biggest challenges of chapter management is making sure that you pass the torch to new leaders that will carry the chapter's success forward.