Dear Friends,

Greetings to you in this Holy Season!  Several of our members are fresh off of our recent tour of the Holy Land. We are still inspired and amazed by the photos and memories of our travels together! Travelers are working to host a time when we can share our experience with the congregation, sometime after the first of the year.
While on the trip, there was considerable interest and I was asked to consider hosting a trip to the renowned  Passion Play  in Oberammergau, Germany. In response, Sharon and I have lined up a tour for August 12-21, 2020 that includes the Passion Play and a tour of European Capitals. Below is a link for this tour. You can also download the brochure to share with family and friends.

Two easy registration options:
 - Register via US Mail using the Registration Form provided in the brochure.
 - Register by clicking  REGISTER NOW! at the bottom of the web page.
If you register using the  REGISTER NOW button, be sure to fill in the following boxes:  
Host:  Rev. Steve Fisher
Host ID: 57566

This tour is a great opportunity to experience the Christian faith through the Passion Play and how Christianity has been, and is, influenced through European history.

While the trip is 20 months away (time to plan); there are two early bird registration dates being offered by the tour company, Educational Opportunity (EO) Tours . Register by:
 - December 31, 2018 - save $75.00 
 -  June 30, 2019 - save $50.00 
We would love to have you on this tour with us!
Many Blessings & Merry Christmas!

Pastor Steve