Our staff often talks to our students about chasing their passions. When you can align your passion and purpose with God’s plan for your life, miracles can be achieved. Passion serves as a motivator to get through tough times. Purpose drives you to serve others. Sandusky Central Catholic School students have a passion for our Catholic Faith, academics, arts, and athletics.  

During this Season of thanks, we need you to help our students find their passion and purpose. Sometimes, a spark is all it takes. By making a contribution to what you are passionate about, you can be the spark that ignites that same passion in our students.    

Faith is at the forefront of everything we do at Sandusky Central Catholic School.  With the mission of getting all students to heaven, we encompass Gospel Values and virtue throughout our curriculum and activities.  Students attend weekly Mass and yearly retreats at all grade levels.  Our teacher-ministers lead by example and embrace the mission of Catholic Education. If you have a passion for our faith, please help us continue raising young men and women who will be our future leaders in the church and community.

The arts are a priority at Sandusky Central Catholic School. Every student in grades preschool through twelve has the opportunity to experience art and music classes.  We are putting instruments in young musicians’ hands by the fourth grade and listening to the beautiful voices of all of our students at weekly Mass.  The Spring Musical has become one of the highlights of the school year.  Our staff does a great job elevating every student to reach their potential and make them believe in themselves.  If you are passionate about the arts, your contribution will help us to continue and expand opportunities in the arts for students to express themselves. 

Sandusky Central Catholic School has a rich tradition of academic excellence.  The class of 2022 graduated with 25% of the class scoring over 30 on their ACT.  They were offered $4.2 million in scholarships and accepted over $1 million and we are proud of their accomplishments.  If your passion is academics, we need your help to not only continue our rich tradition, but raise the bar even higher.  

Athletics are essential for the success of Sandusky Central Catholic School.  We offer youth camps for K-3 grade students and organized sports in grades 4-12.  Facility upgrades as well as program enhancements are in the planning stages and our coaches and student-athletes are working hard to prepare for another season.  If your passion is athletics, help us bring our facilities up-to-date and enhance the programs we offer our student-athletes.

At Sandusky Central Catholic School, we take pride in strengthening the body, challenging the mind, and enriching the spirit of every student. There are many pieces that need to come together for our students and families to have the greatest experience in their most vital years. Whether your passion lies in the faith, academics, arts, or athletics, you can have a direct impact on our students. Please click the box that you feel most passionate about, or select All For One and the school will use your donation in the areas of greatest need. 

Yours In Christ,

Ryan Wikel

Head of School   

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