David Bernat's Passover Reflection

Click HERE to read Executive Director David Bernat's reflection, connecting the Passover Haggadah's liturgy, and Jewish law, to an imperative to heighten our awareness of the BRCA gene mutations that cause an extraordinarily high instance of deadly cancer among Askenazi Jews. The piece calls our attention to the BFOR Study, offering free genetic testing, and the work of Oneinforty in education and advocacy.
Upcoming SCM Programs
Solar for Synagogues:  Learn from

Join us on May 1, 7-9 pm at Temple Aliyah in Needham for a  seminar in  partnership with the  Jewish Climate Action Network.

Going solar can be straightforward and fiscally beneficial. Reducing our carbon footprint is critical forprotecting the planet we all share. Haven't yet gone solar?
Sign up for this unique opportunity to hear from synagogues that have succes
sfully installed solar and to meet with select solar vendors who are actively working with congregations like yours.

All Houses of Worship are welcome

Solar for Synagogues is part of an ongoing initiative, Sustainable Synagogues , a collaboration between Synagogue Council and JCAN.

jewishclimateaction@gmail.com       (508) 358-5996            www.jewishclimate.org 
info@synagoguecouncil.org               (617) 244-6506             www.synagoguecouncil.org
Mark Your Calendars:
Sunday, June 3, 5:30pm   |   Temple Emunah, Lexington

Modeling Women's Leadership
Join us for a Champagne reception and keynote panel featuring prominent and innovative leaders from various arenas including Ruthanne Fuller, the first female Mayor of Newton, healthcare advocate and educator Lauren Corduck, founder of OneinForty, and Reut Weksler, founder and head of Dror Israel's
Urban Kibbutz Movement

The event will launch a new initiative to cultivate women's mentorship and young leadership in congregations and in the Jewish Community. The initiative honors the memory and legacy of Anita Redner z''l by continuing the work to which she was so deeply committed.

Details of the event, the initiative, tickets, and sponsorship coming soon.
Questions? Contact the Synagogue Council office.
info@synagoguecouncil.org | (617) 244-6506

MAAVAR: Resources for Synagogues in Transition      
  • Sacred Object Clearinghouse
  • Pro-Bono Legal Aid
  • Strategic Planning 

Available immediately. Wooden ark, 91" wide, 111" high and 18" deep. Has interior shelves and Torah fittings. From Congregation Beth Israel in Worcester, which is renovating its sanctuary. Contact: Deborah Fins dlfins@finseldercare.com

Check the MAAVAR page for photos and new material.
The Synagogue Then and Now:
Israel Experience and Unity Mission
February 26 - March 10, 2019

Led by David Bernat PhD 
SCM Executive Director & 
Meah Instructor

Itinerary and registration info. coming soon.

A partnership with Hebrew College Adult Learning and

Rabbi Robert Miller in Memoriam

The traditions concerning Hillel suggest that he was the paradigmatic teacher and leader, not simply because of his knowledge and his capacity to interpret the Torah, but because of his character. He was portrayed as welcoming and empathetic, with the desire to connect with everyone he encountered. The judgments he rendered displayed both skill and a sensitivity to the needs of the community. This rare combination of heart and mind is emblematic of the way Rabbi Robert Miller z"l walked in the world, led his congregation, and brought Torah to the community at large.  
He will be missed.  Click  HERE  to read the Boston Globe obituary.

Zecher Tzaddik LiVrachah May the legacy of the righteous live on as a blessing.
In the Community

This event is FREE to attend
For questions please contact Dan Levenson, ADL Associate Regional Director at  dlevenson@adl.org   or by phone at 617-406-6328

Honoring our Past and Shaping our Future.
Sunday, April 29, 2018 -  The Westin Copley Place, Boston

A day to celebrate Barry Shrage. 

Click  HERE   for details and registration.

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