Passover in a Box!
Seder Guides, Food Lists, Schedule from Kahal Joseph Congregation
As you prepare for Passover this week, enjoy KJ's daily tidbits filled with resources to get ready for the holiday of freedom. Enjoy!
A Message from the President
Dear friends,

Passover is a celebration of liberation and hope.

I am very thankful that our synagogue is open now for Shabbat and the Holy Days, and hope that in the very near future we will be able to celebrate life at its fullest at Kahal Joseph.

I thank you from all my heart for your continuous support of our synagogue in these challenging times, and on behalf of the Board of Directors and myself, I wish you and your families a healthy and happy Passover.

Yvette Dabby, President
Pesah Starts in 5 Days!
Forms must be received before
Thursday, March 25th 2021 at 12 noon
Passover Seder Guides & Haggadot
A modern, user-friendly version of the classical Iraqi Haggadah edited by Rabbi Raif Melhado. Click HERE to view.
An insightful and eloquent Seder Guide produced by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, z''l, in 1981. Click HERE to view.
A learned, classical Sephardic summary of Passover laws by -- Click HERE to view.
A short and sweet Seder companion filled with insights. Click HERE to view.
The Shelom Yerushalayim Haggadah created in 1997 follows Sephardic minhagim and traditions with an English translation. Click HERE to view.
A turn-of-the-20th-century Haggadah in English & Hebrew, edited by Hacham David Hai Einy, relative of KJ's Board Member Ronald Einy, Click to view.
Passover Food Lists
Passover is the holiday of freedom and redemption. Moving from slavery to freedom includes making choices and taking responsibility. In this spirit, we offer you several Pesah Food Lists to choose from. 

The general principle of Passover food according to the Torah involves avoiding "hametz." "Hametz" is defined as food containing one (or more) of the five grains (barley, oats, rye, spelt, or wheat) that has come in contact with water, traditionally, for 18 minutes or more. In other words,

  1. ABSTAIN from food including one or more of the five grains (BARLEY, OATS, RYE, SPELT, or WHEAT) that has been in water or fermented for 18 minutes or more.
  2. Only food can become hametz. Non-food items cannot be eaten, and therefore cannot become hametz.
  3. Some authorities consider chemical additives (included in many processed products) as “not food” because we don't eat them separately in any quantity.
  4. Pet Food We benefit from our pets (and, we love them.) So, food served to pets on Passover should be free of the five grains.

Click on the highlighted names below for these lists.

WCRC's Sephardic Bet Din, authorized by Chief Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, zt'l, and other well-respected authorities, has published its Passover Guide and Food List for a number of years. This list strives to take a middle path.

The food list, started by Rabbi Abadi and continued by his sons who are also rabbis, holds to centuries-old Sephardic halakhic tradition and practice of tolerance. This list uses a practical, logical approach.

The JSOR list strives to be cautious and conventional, following Orthodox American Jewish stringencies with the exception of kitniyot.

Please keep in mind that each list is slightly different and reflects the opinion and halakhic judgement of the organization that puts together the list. We offer these all to you, so that you may make thoughtful, informed choices for your family, friends, and guests. Wishing you a Hag Pesah Sameah, a Happy Passover Holiday
Kahal Joseph Passover Schedule
5781 / 2021
Thursday, March 25th
8:00 am Siyuum Bechorot at KJ Exempting Firstborns from Fasting

before 12:00 noon Mekhirat Hametz Sell Hametz in all locations of ownership. Click HERE to sell your Hametz.

7:00 pm or later Bedikat Hametz, Searching for Hametz--for example, bread, cereal or other products of the 5 grains --usually, after dark
Friday, March 26th
Before Shabbat Starts complete all cleaning and preparation for Pesah. Finish cooking for Shabbat and for the First Night Seder Meal.

Erev Shabbat HaGadol

6:51 pm Shabbat Candlelighting

6:45 pm Minha & Arvit at Home
Saturday, March 27th
Shabbat HaGadol
8:00 am to 10:00 am Prayer Services at Kahal Joseph with online Pre-Registration only

Early Shabbat Lunch with Hamotzi

before 10:54 am Challah must be eaten before this time. Clean up all remaining hametz. Dispose of ALL Hametz in trash outside of home. Instead of burning, you may flush a few crumbs.

late afternoon/early evening Minha at Home

Erev Pesah / Passover Eve
First Seder Night
7:55 pm Passover Candlelighting
after dark Arvit at Home

8:00 pm or later Passover Seder I
Havdallah in Kiddush of Haggadah (Barukh Hamavdil ben Kodesh l'Kodesh)
Sunday, March 28th
First Day of Pesah
9:00 am Prayer Services at Kahal with online Pre-Registration only
First 50 pre-registered Members who arrive will be admitted to the building.

Minha & Arvit at Home

7:56 pm Passover Candlelighting

8:00 pm or later Passover Seder II

Start Counting the Omer tonight


Monday, March 29th
Second Day of Pesah
Shaharit at Home
Minha & Arvit at Home

7:57 pm Havdallah to transition to Hol HaMoed Pesah, the middle days

Count the Omer, Day 2
Hag Sameah, Mo'adim L'Simha
Happy Passover!