March 2018 News
The first quarter of 2018 has been wonderful for us. We welcomed several new clients with a large variety of services and projects. You can view our client page here.

Prior to forming Platinum CFO last fall I spent over twenty years in public accounting. The early part of this year is the first time in over two decades that I have been able to see family and friends on the weekends without being rushed or stressed, to enjoy a warm spring morning working in my yard, or to catch an evening movie with friends. While our careers are a journey and we have to experience the past to get to where we are now, I do ponder and realize each day that I made the right decision.

This month our first article discusses the importance of password protecting our information with tips and tricks to dodge hackers. Our articles of interest include March Madness and our nation's budget. We learn that March Madness is much more than phenomenal basketball and exactly what we are paying for in the new government budget.

To my friends and former colleagues in public accounting--you are in the home stretch so finish strong!


Recent Articles
Password Tips & Tricks
The message is clear, password protect your information, or you will eventually be hacked. If Fortune 500 companies are vulnerable to cyber predators how can small and medium size companies and individuals stand a chance against cybercrime?  

March Madness Stats & Facts

Coming down with March Madness before the Big Dance may sound like an excuse to skip prom, but it actually describes our nationwide obsession with the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. This 68-team basketball bonanza has been known to crown a Cinderella or two, produce at least one shining moment a year, and turn millions of Americans into illegal gamblers. It’s that good.

What exactly has Congress stuffed into its $1.3 trillion spending bill?
Congressional negotiators reached a tentative agreement March 21st on a $1.3 trillion federal spending bill, releasing it to the public just 52 hours before a government shutdown deadline. The draft bill runs 2,232 pages, and we’re going through it so you don’t have to. Here are key highlights:

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