Past Life Regression seminar
this week
Why might you want to experience
a Past Life Regression?

Well, you might want to resolve and
heal perplexing patterns, responses
and relationships.

Through the past 40-plus years of
facilitating regressions, I have seen
that many of our challenges have
their roots in our distant past, so
it's valuable to travel back in time
to release them.

PLRs have tremendous therapeutic
value. Mental, emotional, and spiritual
healing can take place in a Past Life
Regression session.

If you want to experience a
personalized regression,
consider scheduling a private
Past Life Regression Seminar
When: Thurs Oct 8, 2020
TIme:  7:00 - 8:30 pm
BONUS : Free hypnosis mp3
included ($12.00 value)
Preregistration and prepayment
are required.
Tickets: $30.00 
To register, click on the Paypal
button HERE to pay. Indicate
you are registering for the 
Regression seminar.
After payment is received, your
Zoom link and seminar materials
will be emailed to you.
Contact Kathryn:
The seminar will be recorded.
Even if you are unable to attend,
register anyway and you'll
receive the class recording,
mp3 and class materials.

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Children Spontaneously
Remember Past Lives
Children's Past Lives: How Past
Life Memories Affect Your Child
by Carol Bowman

Carol's young son, Chase,
described his own past-life death
on a Civil War battlefield. His 
account was so accurate it was
authenticated by an expert
historian. Even more astonishing,
after he had the memory, Chase's
chronic eczema and phobia of
loud noises completely disappeared.

ZOOM client sessions

I am now seeing clients on
ZOOM. Call to schedule a
time that is convenient for you.

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