A Search Through Time
What if you were able to meet your
descendants from another lifetime?

That was the challenge I put to a
Past Life Regression client about
15 years ago.

She had done some research,
based upon information she
received during her Past Life
Regression experience with me.

She had a first name and a partial last
name, the name of her town, her age
at the end of the Civil War, some info
about her parents and two soldier
brothers, and memories of two slaves
in her household.
(Some of those household members
are with her in this current lifetime.)

She listened to the tape I had given her
and was able to get more information.

Then she tapped into some of the
available databases for census and

And ...

She discovered her whole family history!
And it correlated with what she had
discovered during the regression

She also discovered records of the man
she married and the new town to which
they moved.

I challenged her to do more follow up
and trace her ancestral tree to find her
current day descendants.

At the time, she declined to consider
contacting them. I have often wondered
if curiosity ever got the best of her and
if she ever made contact.

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The soul comes from without into
the human body, as into a temporary
abode, and it goes out of it anew…
it passes into other habitations, for
the soul is immortal.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
...poet, transcendentalist
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