A Tribute to Dick Sutphen
Dick Sutphen was my inspiration
to become a hypnotist. I began
following him in 1979. He had
a huge influence on my career
and upon hundreds of other
hypnotists' careers. Richard was
a titan in the hypnosis world.
Sadly, he passed a few weeks ago.
He was very metaphysically
and spiritually oriented, as am I. 
Through the years, I purchased
many tapes, CDs, books and
courses from him. 
When he finally agreed to come
to MA from out west to teach at
my annual hypnosis convention
in 2005, I jumped at the chance
to attend his class. I also set my
intention to be hypnotized
one-on-one by him as a class
demo subject. Luckily, he chose
me for his first demo and that
15 minute trance experience 
was life-changing!
During that 2-day class, we did
many group trances. One was
open-ended where we let our
subconscious mind choose a
previous lifetime that would help
explain a particular challenge in
our current life. I found myself
exploring a lifetime with an
ex-boyfriend, with whom I was
still madly in love (in my current
Normally, I am a very good hypnotic
subject but all I 'got' during that
group regression was the word
"retribution", over and over again.
I didn't know what that meant.
So I booked a private phone
session with Richard and we
explored many lifetimes with
that particular soul.

Here are three:
- In one, we were brothers and
he killed me to get an inheritance.
- In another, he was my mother
and died in childbirth.
- In yet another, we were happily
married and lived in a remote area.
He was in the barn, checking on
the animals, when a beam fell on
him. I raced out to help him, wearing
voluminous petticoats and carrying
an oil lamp....
Well, by now, maybe you have
recognized a theme to our relation-
ships. Yes, my petticoats knocked
over the oil lamp and burned down
the barn - with him in it.
In many different forms, lifetime
after lifetime.
Do you know how healing it was
for me to recognize that the very
best thing that had happened for
that soul and me was to NOT be
together in this lifetime?
Thank you, Richard Sutphen, for
facilitating that liberating revelation.
(I just took a huge, deep breath
as I wrote that sentence.)
This is why Past Life Regression
has been my favorite topic to
facilitate since I first started in
1977. Our levels of healing are
SO profound when we have that
additional insight into our soul's
journey through time.

Past Life Regression Seminar
In a recent newsletter, I said
I would be changing my class
format from 1.5 hours to 1 hour.
However, Past Life Regression
does require 1.5 hours, giving
us time to fully explore and then
debrief afterwards.
When: Thurs Oct 8, 2020
TIme:  7:00 - 8:30 pm
BONUS : Free hypnosis mp3
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Preregistration and prepayment
are required.
Tickets: $30.00 
To register, send Kathryn a quick
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After payment is received, your
Zoom link and seminar
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Even if you are unable to attend,
register anyway and you'll
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mp3 and class materials.

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Brief PLR with Dr Brian Weiss
Oprah has featured PLR a number
of times on her show. Watch this
fellow's therapeutic breakthrough
during a regression HERE .
Brian Weiss was trained by one
of my teachers, Gerald Kein,
another titan in the hypnosis

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We all share the same earthly
purpose, which is to cast away
our limiting beliefs and heal
our fear-based emotions. 

~ Richard Sutphen

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