An Unexpected Past Life Regression
This was a personal experience:
I taught HypnoBirthing classes for
years. One brief 10 min trance
involved tasting a lemon in a kitchen.
(The purpose was for the moms to
experience how their thoughts
create their physiology.)

I usually go into a light trance
whenever I'm with clients, so I
always visited a kitchen also,
even while talking and leading
the class through their experience.

It was always the same kitchen and it
was unfamiliar to me. I was curious...

One time when I was auditing
the teacher training, I decided to
indulge myself and really take the
time to explore that kitchen while
the trainer led us through the trance.

I suddenly 'knew' that the kitchen was
in a house in London during WW2.
My name was Violet and I worked in a
woolens shop. (In my current life, living
in the USA, I had never heard that
term.) I explored the house and the
neighborhood and travelled on a bus
from my home into the city and went
to my shop.

I also knew things about the RAF
because my husband was a pilot.

Meanwhile, the trainer moved on to
other things while I was still engaged
in my exploring and I popped out of
that trance.
Past Life Regression Seminar
When: Thur Aug 5, 2021
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Gain insights into current issues
and relationships in your life
and learn how exploring your
past lives can allow you to get to
the root causes of pain, anger,
guilt, fear, sadness, etc. This then
allows you to release limiting 
beliefs and patterns and promotes
healing. Enjoy a guided group
hypnosis session.
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It is not impermanence that
makes us suffer. What makes
us suffer is wanting things to
be permanent when they
are not.

~ Thich Nhat Hanh
Buddhist monk, peace activist

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