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SEMINAR: Happier
Date: Wed Feb 23 at 7- 8 pm ET
Discover how to make the decision to be happy and learn what the most important key to happiness is. 
In tonight's seminar, you'll explore a number of different options - from the field of Positive Psychology - that you can use to cultivate the habit of happiness. You'll learn to refocus your awareness on healthy thought choices that will lift your spirits. 
You'll also enjoy a group hypnosis session designed to encourage and inspire you to create a happy, optimistic life. 

SEMINAR: Past Life Regression
Date: Wed Mar 9 at 7:00 - 8:30 pm ET
How would a past life journey benefit you?
You could gain insight into many present life issues and relationships 
by exploring your past lives. You could uncover the origin of current fears or 
current talents. You could gain understanding about current relationships
and patterns in your life. These types of discoveries promote healing and growth on so many levels.  
Enjoy a guided group hypnosis regression session.
BONUS: Free mp3: Past Life Regression
I have been facilitating these journeys since 1977, when I experienced my first healing PLR.

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An attendee at the 'Want More Love In Your Life?' seminar a few nights ago wrote, "YOU HAVE A GIFT, AND SOCIETY NEEDS YOU." I appreciate hearing that. I want to share my gifts with you, especially during these challenging times. The seminar topics I offer are designed to uplift, educate and support you.
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One way to be happier is to follow The Optimist Creed.
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Mar 16 & 23: HypnoGolf series
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