Greetings from the land of Christ!

This past month has certainly held many events and stories that we want to share with you! The Bible College is finishing up our spring semester, and you'll want to take a look at our video featuring one of our students and his outlook to the future.

Additionally, with all of the news of the US embassy move, commemorating the Palestinian Nakba and how we, as Christians, live in the midst of these trying times, you'll find several articles and a video that will better help explain what's been going on, and how we can be life-giving followers of Jesus in whatever situation we face!

Next week marks the start of the fifth Christ at the Checkpoint Conference! For one week, local as well as international speakers will be in attendance to share their perspectives on keeping Jesus at the center of all we do, and every situation we endure. Take a look at the article detailing more about those that make this conference happen!

We also wish a blessed Ramadan season to those observing the fast and that God would speak to our Muslim family, friends and communities in a powerful way. 

Finally, you'll notice that you've received an email yesterday from us which describes the change in UK law regarding personal data and privacy. Please take a look, as you'll only be able to hear from us if you fill it out and send it back to us.  You don't want to miss out on our graduation coverage and other exciting events that are coming up!

Blessings from Bethlehem,
Rev. Dr. Jack Sara
Bethlehem Bible College
If Jesus were to suddenly appear at one of the Israeli checkpoints that separates this Palestinian area from Israel, what would He think? That is a question that bedeviled the Reverend Munther Isaac, a Palestinian Christian who is the academic dean at Bethlehem Bible College.
“Would Christ discriminate between people based on their ethnicity?” Isaac asked. “Would Christ promote fear of the other?”

Born in the 1967 war, Yohanna Katanacho knows a thing or two about the struggles of Palestinian identity, upbringing and life under oppression. Having grown up in Jerusalem in the midst of this tension, several life experiences proved to be monumental in shifting his direction toward a life of service to Christ.

During the difficulties faced by personal or political situations, he discovered the importance of prayer. He finished his Ph.D. in the book of Psalms and felt led to pray through the Psalms within the context of the Middle East. 

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Student Sound Bite:
Alfred Ghawali
Check out Alfred’s testimony of his faith journey and studying at BethBC!
Meet Christ at the Checkpoint Conference Coordinator:
 Razan Kutlo
For every successful event and conference we host, we have those secret soldiers who work very hard in order for the event to be the best it can be. This month, we will be having the 5th Christ at the Checkpoint Conference (CATC). The past four CATC Conferences we’ve held have been very successful and have made a difference. Meet the beautiful, behind-the-scenes soldier coordinating our fifth CATC Conference: Razan Kutlo.

  • Pray for our graduates and their impact in the community as they go.
  • Pray for MA Christian Leadership & Ministry cohort as they finish their studies.
  • Pray blessing on those fasting for Ramadan.
  • Pray for the upcoming Christ at the Checkpoint Conference.
  • Pray for the ongoing work of the Shepherd Society.