For specific individuals with health issues:
Jordan, (granddaughter of Ann Sage who is quarantined for two weeks on the cruise ship where she works due to a passenger's contraction of the virus), for Alexa, (granddaughter of Janis Shea who works in the health care and is subjected to the virus), Don Broadston, home; Pat Stanhope, Friendship Village; Shirley Sorensen, home; Neva Kerr, NewAldaya (Hospice); Crystal Lorenze, recovering from back surgery; Paul Holtz, Hospice Care; Mary Davis, Ravenwood; Steve Miller, home; Ruth Bowers, Rosewood; Jennifer Lightbody, home; Donna Harman, Pavilion, Friendship Village (Hospice Care); Dorothy Hummel, home.

Broader prayer concerns from the congregation:
that all will stay well and stay in

Prayers of joy from the congregation:
Thanksgiving/gratitude for all the ways our church family is reaching out with calls and notes
Appreciation for the online worship services, the sermons and music

Thank you from Brenda Sevcik
Brenda says, "Thank you to everyone who reached out after her grandmother's passing. Your emails, cards, and prayers were appreciated. It was so nice to hear from so many of you. I can't wait to see you all as soon as we can gather again!"