August 25, 2020
Pastor Foley's 4th Appearance at Police Station
This week I am scheduled to appear at the police station for my fourth day of investigation on charges related to our balloon launching work. I have decided not to make any public comment on the investigation while it is underway.

But since it has now been one month since I began appearing at the police station for these weekly sessions, I wanted to share with you a little of what the Lord has been teaching me through this time.

I hope the linked blog post may be helpful as you also seek to be a faithful witness to the Lord wherever he sends you this week. 
Warmly in Christ,
Pastor Foley (and Dr. Foley)

Chen Wensheng was seen sharing his faith on a street in Hengyang before being taken into custody.

After being arrested, Evangelist Chen urged the police officers to believe in Jesus.

In order for Christianity to advance into the next, more hostile and restrictive generation, it must return to the practices of the underground church.

This is the 3rd seminar/book in the Underground Church series.

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Pray for Pastor Blaise and his family who are from Burkina Faso. They had to leave their village after another pastor was brutally murdered by a group of Jihadists. Due to the persecution, the Coronavirus and the yearly drought, Pastor Blaise and many Christians like him have very little food and basic necessities. 
Keep praying for pastors who are facing fines and sanctions from the Russian government. A few pastors from Russia who participated in our online conference are currently banned from using their church buildings and have been involved in court trials for the last 10-15 years related to their Christian faith.