July 2023

Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of

the poor and the oppressed. Psalm 82:3

"Thank you for this 'very necessary donkey' "

Through your generosity to the Family-Based Child Care program, Asia Frontier Outreach was able to buy this bicycle for sisters Susanna and Ngwa Sa Nyi. They attend high school quite a distance from their village, and truly appreciate not having to walk the long mountain trails morning and evening. The sisters wrote: "Thank you for this very necessary donkey."

Pastor Lu speaking to the general assembly with his translator

Norway Welcomes Pastor Lu

Pastor Lu and Betty are currently in Norway at the invitation of Evidence of Faith World Evangelism. This organization focuses on supporting national pastors in areas unreached with the Gospel. Evidence of Faith supports 200 Jesus Foot Soldiers in Myanmar and neighboriing countries. Watch for the August newsletter for a full report of Pastor Lu's experiences at this conference.


To see every tribe in SE Asia liberated from spiritual

and physical oppression

"What's Cookin'?"

Betty recently attended a commercial cooking class in Yangon, Myanmar. The class focused on how to cook in a restaurant or street kiosk setting. Betty's desire is to pass these skills on to young women wanting to start a culinary small business.

AFO's Value of Children:

"We value children and believe in supporting the family to ensure children are introduced to Jesus Christ, loved, secure, safe, healthy, educated, and

become independent, productive adults."

Jesus Foot Soldiers in Worship

Jesus Foot Soldiers and their families in Putao, Myanmar recently met together along with the Family-Based Child Care Coordinators. They met for a time of worship and prayer for the children beginning a new school year.


To partner with SE Asian believers through the indigenous church to care for vulnerable children, build up the family and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Friday, September 29

5:30 pm Best Western Premier - Oshkosh

A dinner event specifically designed for friends of Asia Frontier Outreach to introduce a friend or family member to our ministries .

The evening will include activities to engage with the various ministries,

a delicious dinner, and a brief, informative program.

For more information or to register, just reply to this email.

"God's children are not for sale." - a personal editorial

I have just come from viewing the current blockbuster movie "Sound of Freedom." It is the true story of Tim Ballard, formerly with U.S. Homeland Security, and now founder and head of Operation Underground Railroad, which exists to rescue children from trafficking and exploitation. In the drama, Ballard rescues a little boy, and then his sister, from sex traffickers.

This is the heart of AFO's Family-Based Child Care program: to prevent the trafficking of Myanmar's children into forced labor, conscription as child soldiers, and sex trafficking. Did you know:

  • there are nearly 50 million people enslaved in the world today*
  • 80% of these are women
  • and over half of these are under the age of 16

I encourage you to see this movie. Attend with a friend or family member so you can debrief together afterward. If you have older teenagers, take them with you. This movie will afford you an opportunity to have important discussions with your teens about the negative impact of pornography and the worth of the individual.

This movie will also reaffirm in your heart to take a stand against human trafficking: from the products you buy to your entertainment choices to your prayers for freedom for the enslaved.

For His Kingdom in SE Asia,

Lois Riddick


*Sources: Walk Free 2022, UNESCO

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