Pastor Randy gives us an update on the progress of determining our values statements.
Discerning Our Values 2
Pastor Randy's Latest Blog Post
As we continue our Values Discernment Journey

Pastor Randy is blogging about the project he submitted to Luther Seminary for the "Executive Certificate in Religious Fundraising." The project will help the church discern its values. It will be carried out over the summer and provide the focal points for the fall stewardship campaign. Read about how you can be involved in Pastor Randy's blog:

Discerning Our Values 2

The dates and times have now been set for our small group discussions on the topic of values.  I hope you can be present for one of these opportunities so that your voice can be heard:

  1. Sunday, July 23, after worship, during coffee hour
  2. Wednesday, July 26, 1:00 p.m.
  3. Wednesday, August 2, 6:30 p.m. while the children are in VBS

The discussion groups will be facilitated by members of a “guiding coalition”:

  • Nancy Siewert, Worship
  • David Young, Member Care
  • Gene Reynolds, Outreach
  • Kathleen Ford, Christian Education
  • Elizabeth Paag, Youth
  • Phil Mikulsky, At-large

The purpose of the “guiding coalition” is simply to get church members talking about our values and then documenting what they hear. They will provide some handouts to prompt the conversation.    ~ more~
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