The Associate Pastor Search Committee:
(Elected by the congregation on Sunday 4/8/18)
Scott Welborn
Barry Morgan
Carole Farrar
Robert Zeigler
Jean Cochran
Meredith Jenkins
David Stallard


To contact the Committee Chair, Scott Welborn, please email him at:

The Associate Pastor Search Committee thanks you for your prayers, recommendations and encouragement during the past months.  We ask that you continue to pray for this process as it progresses.  

Search Process
The starting point for this process was the selection of the Associate Pastor Search Committee. The Committee members were nominated by the Personnel Committee and then elected by church membership. Shortly thereafter, our committee began meeting. We open all of our meetings with prayer and submit this process to God's authority. We are aware of the many in our church who are praying for us and we are grateful for your encouragement.

Pastor of Next Generation Ministries
Position Reports to: Senior Pastor
A strong commitment to Jesus Christ and a mature and growing faith are crucial.  Knowledge of the Bible along with the ability to affirm the essential tenets of the ECO are required.  Energy, creativity and enthusiasm for this work are necessary.
This is a salaried position with benefits.The execution of normal duties and responsibilities will require 40 hours or more per week.  The high visibility and the number of opportunities to interact with church members and staff require professional standards of behavior.  The dress code for most days will be business casual. Personal, private and confidential information must be handled with great care and discretion.  Coordination and collaboration will be expected in all areas of work.
Minimum Qualifications
Education:  Bachelor's Degree plus additional related training
Experience : Two or more years in directly related ministry work
General Description
  • Direct and lead the overall ministry of the Next Generation Ministry Team that encompasses the "Cradle to College" age group and families
  • Supervise, advise, mentor and assist all staff of Next Generation, student interns, adult volunteers, youth and families within the ministry
  • Perform the following: plan and conduct weekly programs, prepare calendars/website and other promotional pieces, hold office hours, preach, attend staff meetings, conduct volunteer training, and meet and work as a team with the other staff of SGPC  

We consider you an important part of the process.  If you have suggestions, email us at .