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Dear Friends:

What if you could totally change the life of a child for $1 a day? 

Most of us would jump at that opportunity, right? So listen up, because you and I can do exactly that through our church's partnership with ZOE

Our Easter mission offering this year will go toward supporting children in Rwanda who are being empowered by ZOE. In a period of three years, they go from being orphans who are isolated and vulnerable to young followers of Christ who have received the gift of community with each other. In that period of time, the oldest ones who are leaders in their family groups also become business owners and respected members of their villages. Their younger siblings are able to return to school, are well-nourished, and assist in the family business. It sounds unbelievable, I know, but having visited children in the program earlier this year and hearing story after story of the transformation that is happening, I can attest to the fact that it is true!

Two years ago on Easter Sunday, our congregation's journey with ZOE began. We currently are sponsoring three groups in Rwanda: Abadahingwa (Supreme) has almost completed their second year in the program, Ibyishimo (Happiness) is almost halfway through the program, and Umucyo (Light) was just formed this January. Each group includes approximately 75 children.

So here is my challenge, Trinity. I'm looking for 100 people who will commit $1 a day over the next year in order to forever change the life of a child. And actually, with ZOE you'll be changing the lives of 3 children for that amount! You can make your gift of $365 for Easter or make your first gift of $35 now and then make 11 monthly gifts of $30 each. If you'd like to go ahead and give online now, you can do that here .         

Of course you can make a gift of any amount, but hitting the target of 100 people giving $1 a day means being able to support four ZOE groups this year. That's 300 children! I believe we can change the lives of even more orphans. And based on the evidence I've seen, I don't know of any better way to do it than with ZOE.



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