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Dear Friends:

Twenty years ago, the people of Trinity embraced a vision. It was a big, bold, and even risky vision. It was a vision that would require them to leave a familiar, comfortable, and well-loved home in order to move to a new and different land where God could continue to grow the ministries of the church. That vision led the people of Trinity to 4000 NW 53 rd Avenue. Consider all that has happened as a result of the faithfulness of the congregation embracing such a courageous vision at that time.

Compelling visions are critical to the health and well-being of every organization. Periodically, the time comes to consider a new vision for a new season.

Such a time has come for Trinity. Catherine and I are grateful that a group of twelve people (a number that has a pretty good precedent in Scripture) has committed to journey together over the next year or so in exploring the question: "Where is God leading us next as the people called Trinity?" This group is made up of persons who are deeply faithful and reflect the broad diversity of the church. They cover every decade from persons in their 20s up to their 70s. They were prayerfully selected to serve by the Nominations and Lay Leadership Team. Their names: Tracy Burger, Randy Caton, Austin Council, Erica Davis-Jackson, Kathy Dixon, Bob Edmunds, Beth Haines, Melody Lozano, Brian Myers, Catherine Fluck Price, Steve Price, Danny Williams.

This team will meet for the first time this Saturday, April 21, at 1pm. I encourage you to be in prayer for them and for Trinity. Over the coming months, there will be opportunities for the team to receive input and feedback both from members of the congregation as well as our surrounding community. You can also stay informed on new developments by visiting www.TrinityGNV.org/vision anytime. Updates will be posted there following each vision team meeting.

These are exciting times for Trinity and I can't wait to see what God has in store next.

Grace and peace,

Coincidentally, I learned this week that yet another community of faith is benefitting from the old Trinity campus. Servants of Christ Anglican Church has recently purchased the sanctuary building and will hold their inaugural service on Pentecost Sunday, May 20.