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"When I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw everyone to me." John 12:32

Dear Friends:

This weekend we come to the final message in our Celtic Rhythms message series. For the past several weeks we've been learning from important themes in Celtic Christianity that can enrich our faith. On this final week, we'll be taking a look at the Celtic High Cross. 
These crosses can be seen in cemeteries across Ireland and Scotland. Looming high above the graves of those whose bodies have been laid to rest, they serve as a visual testimony to the power of Christ's offering for the sake of the world. 

This week, I am particularly struck by the message Jesus announces in John 12:32 regarding what he is about to do. Our world is fractured. The political environment is hostile. The church is broken. Marriages are in disarray. Friendships are strained. In the middle of it all, a cross stands high above and cries out, "Look up. Do you see what God has done for you? Are you paying attention?"

Jesus says, "I will draw everyone to me." Everyone. Not some. Not just the elect. Not just a majority. Not just traditionalists or progressives. Not just liberals or conservatives. Not just Democrats or Republicans. Everyone.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, I invite you this weekend to step away from all that separates and divides, all that tears down and destroys, all that does harm, and listen to the good news of the gospel that is meant to draw us all near to Christ and to each other. And...

May the peace of Christ be with us all,

P.S. Please join us  for a traditional Seder meal on Thursday, April 18 as we explore ways Jesus fulfilled and expanded our understanding of the ancient Jewish meal of the Passover. We'll tell the story and enjoy a delicious, full meal. This will be a great time for the whole family to celebrate together. Click  here  to register online or contact Alice