Worship: Sundays @ 8:15, 9:40, 11:00 am | Wednesdays @ 6:35 pm
ZOE. It's a Greek word that means life . And in 2017, a ministry called Zoe is certainly bringing new life to thousands of orphans in villages across the continent of Africa as well as in the countries of Guatemala and India. You've likely heard the adage, "Give a man a fish and feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime." Zoe has taken this concept and produced a model for raising up young people in communities who were without hope and enabling them to discover new hope both for themselves and their communities. 

This Holy Week, I encourage the whole Trinity family to participate generously in a Mission Box offering that will enable an entire community of 60-100 orphans to participate in Zoe's unique three-year program. This program teaches them important life skills indigenous to their area, including how to farm, how to participate in commerce, how to work together, and how to encourage and support each other. The stories of transformation that are coming out of the communities where Zoe is at work are truly remarkable. With our emphasis during Lent on The Restoration Project, how fitting it is for us to participate in the work of restoration for these youth and children who have lost their parents to war, disease, and famine. You can bring an offering to worship for the mission box to support Zoe on either Palm Sunday or Easter Sunday, or you can go here to make your gift online (choose mission: Zoe from the drop down box). To learn more about Zoe, go to zoehelps.org.

In addition to inviting you to give generously to Zoe, I have three other invitations to share with you that will help Trinity do our best in welcoming the community to worship with us on Easter Sunday.

First, invite a neighbor or friend to join you for Easter. The most likely way someone will attend a church service for the first time is through a personal invitation. You could be someone's link to hearing the good news and finding hope this Easter.

Second...and this is a REALLY important one...if you normally attend the 9:40 service, please consider attending one of the other services offered that day at 7am, 8:15am, or 11am. If you have children who are looking forward to the Easter celebration or youth that are in Sonlight, we certainly understand that you'll be coming to 9:40. For everyone else, considering an alternative service on Easter will create space to welcome our guests and make sure we have room for everyone. Last year, attendance was 250 at 8am, 450 at 11am, and 1300 at 9:40am. Thank you for your consideration! 
Third, please follow the directions of the parking attendants on Easter Sunday who will be doing their best to ensure a flow that will minimize delays and traffic jams. If you are able-bodied, I encourage you to choose the parking options farthest away from the building in order to save spaces closest to the buildings for those who really need them. Also, please note that the driveway directly in front of the worship center connecting the two sides of the parking lot will be blocked off much of the morning for safety reasons, due to the children's Easter Celebration happening in that area.

Catherine and I are thrilled to share Holy Week with all of you for the first time. May God be glorified and may we all be revived by the good news that is ours in Christ.

Grace and Peace,