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Dear Friends,

Wow! A new school year is upon us. Teachers are already classroom prepping, Alachua County kids will head back to school next week, and our own Stepping Stones will welcome this year's preschoolers the following week.

An observation Catherine and I have made over the years is that the beginning of school is often a time when families make decisions about setting new routines or habits. One of those new habits just might be attending church for the first time or returning to church after being away for a long while. And so, we love to plan a message series at this time every year that might pique their interest...and one that feels easy for you to invite friends and neighbors to check out.

I can't wait to begin our new series this Sunday on the Glimpses of God: Finding God in the Stories We Tell Our Children! I often hear parents (as well as grandparents and aunts and uncles) struggling with how to talk with their children about God. Boy, have we got great news for them (and you)! For the next four weeks, we'll make it easy for them to use some of the stories they are probably already reading to their children as ways to talk about images of God that we also find in the Bible. 

So join us, and invite someone to join you, for these next four weeks. And just so you know, the children's books we will be mentioning in worship will all be available for purchase in the Trinity bookstore so you can pick up a copy for a child you love. Of course, if you decide to pick one up just for yourself to enjoy, that's okay, too. After all, even for those of us who are older and (supposedly) wiser, there are golden nuggets to be found in the treasure trove of children's literature that can awaken our faith in new ways.

See you Sunday. You'll find me by the rocking chair.