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Hey there, neighbor!
I hope you're having a great week! Guess what happened to me the other day...I pulled into my driveway after dark to find that one of my neighbors (I have my suspicions about which one!) had pulled my trash can back into my driveway, placing it and my recycling bins right outside my garage door. You'd think they were in worship last Sunday when Catherine mentioned it as a practical way to do something simple and kind for a neighbor.
So you know what happened next? I took our goldendoodle Teddy for a walk (boy, was he glad I was finally home!) and while we were out, I noticed that another one of our neighbors must have been having an even longer day than me. Their trash can and recycling bins were still out by the curb, so Teddy and I took them up the driveway and placed them beside their garage door.
That's the beauty of the art of neighboring. One person practicing simple, kind acts of neighboring can set off a chain reaction of kindness...it can even start a movement.
So how's it going with your neighbors? Have you been getting to know any of them better in the last couple of weeks? Have you served them with love in some small way? Do you know more of their names now than you did on the first day of school? (Don't forget to write them down so you'll remember later!)
I look forward to seeing you Sunday as we wrap up our Won't You Be My Neighbor series. We'll be inviting you to participate in an act of kindness for Trinity's neighbor, Talbot Elementary School. Can't wait to tell you about it!
Grace and peace,