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Dear Friends,

Wow!  Trinity, you're the best! Last week in worship we invited you to be a good neighbor to Talbot Elementary School by writing notes of appreciation and encouragement to each of the teachers, staff, and administrators.  ALL the note cards were taken...even before the 11:00 worship service! 

Because of your amazing response, we decided to show the love to Trinity's Faith Mission neighbor, Rawlings Elementary School this week.  This Sunday, we'll again have note cards on a table by the Welcome Center.  We know you can do it, and that all the note cards will be claimed this week as well.  What a blessing this will be to the teachers, staff, and administration of both schools as we offer them an encouraging word to begin the school year.

And please remember to bring your written note back to Trinity and turn it in at the education building reception desk or to the Children's Ministry office.  If by chance you already delivered or mailed in your note to Talbot, just let us know whose name you had.  We want to make sure that absolutely everyone gets a note.

Several of you have also shared with me how you have been intentional about loving your neighbor by meeting them, learning their names and even delivering food.  It's great to know that you are loving the people who live right next door.  

This Sunday, we're starting a worship series called, "Does the Bible Really Say That?"  Sometimes people say things that sound biblical, but are they?  We'll look at a few of those statements over the next four weeks and look at what the Bible really does say.
  • "God Has a Plan for Your Life" - September 2
  • "Once Saved, Always Saved" - September 9
  • "God Doesn't Give You More than You Can Handle" - September 16
  • "Money Is the Root of All Evil" - September 23
And, if you're out of town for the Labor Day weekend, be sure to livestream at 9:40 so you won't miss this first week.  Hope to see you Sunday!

Grace and Peace,

P.S.  If you missed out on getting a magnet board for your fridge to help you remember your neighbors, then be sure to pick one up at the education building reception desk.