Worship: Sundays @ 8:15, 9:40, 11:00 am | Wednesdays @ 6:35 pm
Hello Friends!
This Sunday we will usher in Holy Week by celebrating Palm   Sunday  and remembering the crowds that hailed Jesus' entry into Jerusalem with palm branches waving and shouts of "Hosanna!" ringing in the air. As Jesus made his way towards the temple, many asked, "Who is this?" Join us as we explore what our own response to that question might be, and how the answer to that question can enable us to create space within our hearts and lives to more fully embrace Christ's passion on the cross and the hope of Easter. What's more, we will be worshiping together in the round, so you won't want to miss this unique opportunity!
In addition to this Sunday, there will be multiple opportunities to worship with us in the coming week. As you are able, I encourage you to plan to attend our Maundy   Thursday  service   on Thursday  at   7:00 pm in the worship center, our Good   Friday  service at   noon   on Friday  in the chapel, and the adult choir musical presentation that will presented at   7:00 pm on Friday  in the worship center. 
As you go about your week, please don't forget to register any opportunities you have had to participate in the district wide invitation to take our faith from   The Steeple to the Streets. For more information on how you can get involved, please watch this video.   
One last thing.   We're looking forward to Easter and welcoming new friends and old ones too. In light of the anticipated crowd, the Children's Ministry Easter Celebrations, and the Blood Mobile, we'll have parking guides to direct cars where to park. We appreciate your willingness to follow their directions. If you have mobility issues, please simply let them know, and they will direct you to the spots nearest the building where you desire to enter. Please also use the west entrance (the one closest to 43rd Street) if you are arriving any time after 8:00 am. We encourage those who are able bodied to follow directions and park around to the rear of the facilities. The gate connecting to Talbot will also be open and you are welcome to park there as well. Again, thank you in advance for helping us to be as welcoming as possible to our guests and those with limited mobility. 
Blessings of grace and peace,