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Imagine being Peter...
The disciple who had been quick to tell Jesus he would never desert him had become the one who, in fear and perhaps disillusionment, had denied to strangers any connection to him...three times. The one who had been the first to name Jesus Messiah had abandoned him out of self-preservation. And now he was going to see him again. 
How in the world can Peter face Jesus in that moment? If you've ever let a good friend down or failed to be true to them in front of someone else, you've got an inkling of what Peter might have been feeling. And this isn't just any friend...this is Jesus. Imagine the embarrassment and shame Peter must have been feeling. 
This weekend we'll take a look at one of the closing scenes from the gospel of John, when Jesus pulls Peter aside for a one-on-one after appearing to some of the disciples and sharing breakfast on the beach with them. It's a beautiful moment that tells us a lot about Jesus' love for Peter...and for each of us. 
See you Sunday,  
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