Worship: Sundays @ 8:15, 9:40, 11:00 am | Wednesdays @ 6:35 pm
Dear Friends,

It's high school graduation time! And this Sunday we will recognize 18 Trinity seniors in worship as we give thanks to God for their ministry among us and look forward to where and how God will lead them into the future. They will wear their caps and gowns and you'll learn a little about their high school years as well as their plans for college.   
Several of these students have been a part of Trinity most of their lives.  They were baptized into the faith at Trinity and shared in Holy Communion for the first time as a part of Trinity.  They received their 3rd grade Bibles from Trinity, through which they learned about Jesus and experienced the love of God.  They were a part of Confirmation with Trinity as they made a commitment to follow Christ.  Now, I know you will want to be there to pray for them on Sunday as they go out to be witnesses "in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth."   
At the beginning of the Book of Acts, those were the last words Jesus spoke to his disciples before he was lifted up and ascended to heaven.  This Sunday we'll take a look at the ascension of Christ and see if it might have a word to speak to us in the current context of our lives.  The ascension of Christ is a narrative all about Jesus and his miraculous and mysterious departure from this world.  And...it's also a narrative about the disciples and us.  It speaks to the transition when Jesus concludes his time on earth and hands off his mission to his disciples...and therefore to us.  Jesus was empowered by the Holy Spirit as he began his ministry, and now Jesus reminds the disciples the Holy Spirit will give them power as well. 
Similarly, lots of kids next week will be excited to learn how God's power can take them "To Mars and Beyond."  It's Vacation Bible School week and the Worship Center, classrooms, youth building, and fields will be teeming with children from preschool to rising 6th graders having a blast and experiencing the love of Christ.  Please be in prayer for each of the kids who will be participating and all the wonderful volunteer servants and staff team who will be working with them. 
Next week Steve and I, as well as several lay folks from Trinity, will head to the Florida Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church in Lakeland, FL.  It will be a time of reunion as we can connect with friends and colleagues across Florida.  As well, it will be a time of celebration, especially with Rev. Lenora Rousseau, who will be ordained as an Elder.  And finally, as we elect delegates to the 2020 General Conference and continue to make our way through challenges and changes in our denomination, we ask for your prayers for wisdom and stamina and grace.  We'll send out the Pastor's Message next Thursday from Annual Conference providing an update on the happenings.     
Have a great weekend, and I'll see you Sunday! 
Grace and Peace,