Worship: Sundays @ 8:15, 9:40, 11:00 am | Wednesdays @ 6:35 pm
Dear Friends,

What a great weekend we have ahead of us. In fact, I invite you to consider the possibility of attending two worship services this Sunday! 

"Why," you ask? Because this week at 9:40am we will celebrate Children's Sunday. Trinity's kids will lead us in worship through their music, dance, Scripture readings, and reciting of the Apostle's Creed, which they have been learning all about this year. Your participation in this service is a sign of your love and support for all the baptized (and not yet confirmed) members of our church community who are growing in their faith through the children's ministries of Trinity. 

Then, at both 8:15am and 11:00am we will continue our series, The Seven Next Words of Christ. This week's word from the risen Christ is "What are you so concerned about?" We all get caught up in the concerns of this life and world at times, which can keep us from seeing Jesus right in front of us and remembering that God is always with us on this journey of life and faith. Speaking of which, what are you concerned about right now? Are there things that trouble you and keep you up at night? Worry you about the church? The community? The world? Put your faith at risk? I'd love to hear from you as I'm preparing for Sunday. You can simply reply to this email. Thanks.

I also want to make sure you are aware that our second Community Conversation is coming up on Monday, May 15 at 6:30pm. In addition to hearing about Trinity's Faith Mission and other local missions as previously advertised, Catherine and I will also be sharing some thoughts regarding the United Methodist Church and what lies ahead for our denomination. You may (or may not) be aware that there has been a great deal of struggle and conflict recently, particularly around the subject of human sexuality. We will provide some information about the work of the Commission on a Way Forward as well as share a framework we recently learned that helps people name where they are in the struggle. Here are a couple of recent postings from our own Bishop Ken Carter and from Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson, former superintendent of the North Central District in Florida and currently the bishop of the North Georgia Conference that are helpful both in the information they provide and the spirit in which they are written.
Looking forward to seeing you Sunday.

Grace and Peace,