Worship: Sundays @ 8:15, 9:40, 11:00 am | Wednesdays @ 6:35 pm
Dear Friends,

Billy Crockett (folk and Christian singer/songwriter) tells a story about walking into his church one day during the week.  As he was wandering down one of the hallways, he crossed paths with the church custodian. When Crockett greeted him and asked how he was doing, the custodian responded, "Grateful." Crockett began to ponder that response and was convicted by it.

What would it mean for our first response to be one of gratitude? What would it mean to live our lives from a perspective of gratitude...in the best of times as well as in the times which bring challenge and struggle? What would it look like to live lives emphasizing our gratefulness for every moment and all that each day brings?

This Sunday, the week of Thanksgiving, we'll express our gratitude and thanksgiving to God as we come together to worship. I'll look forward with you to seeing the more than 1,400 Thanksgiving baskets we offer to the community. I understand it's quite a sight to see that abundant food offering!  And what a privilege to be able to lift up in prayer the recipients of those baskets as we worship together. I'm grateful to be a part of a congregation offering such a gift of love to the Gainesville community. 

We'll take a look at Paul's letter to the Philippians (4:4-9) and his encouragement to us about how to live gratefully and joyfully. We'll also have the privilege once again this Sunday of making our financial commitments to God through Trinity for the 2017 year. If you've not already returned your pledge card, please bring it with you to worship. You'll have the privilege of making your commitment to God through Trinity as you come forward for Holy Communion. We are well underway with our commitments...and we still have a long way to go to support the impactful ways God will work through the mission and ministry of Trinity in the upcoming year. 

Please also make it a point to read about one of the first "thanksgivings" in Deuteronomy 26:1-11. It's a great reminder of God's care for us and our response to God.

See you Sunday!

Grace and Peace,