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Dear Friends:

What does an old winter coat have to do with generosity?

I hope you'll join me this coming Sunday to find out. I'll share a story about that coat as part of week three in our fall worship series, The Good Life. You'll also get to hear from a couple of Trinity members once again, sharing their own stories about giving generously. I don't think it's a coincidence that the happiest people I know are also the ones who are the most generous. Something both wonderful and spiritual happens to us when we begin to loosen our grip on our stuff. 

If you are a member or actively attend Trinity, you likely received a booklet in the mail this week with some information about the ministries of the church and the budget that supports them. If by chance you did not, please contact Shannon and she'll be glad to make sure you receive one. 

Here are a few additional details to share regarding next year's budget. The total that has been approved by Trinity's Church Council for 2018 is $3.125 million. This amount is $100,000 less than both the 2016 and 2017 annual budgets. This reduction has been made possible through a number of measures that have produced greater efficiencies and lower costs in areas such as church database management, office supplies, insurance, and staffing.

Meanwhile, we have been able to include in next year's budget important new initiatives, including increased support for leadership development and for outreach to the community around Trinity. We've also been able to increase the Director of Faith Mission to a full-time staff position, recognizing that there are tremendous opportunities for Trinity to make an impact over the long haul through this vital ministry. 

I hope you are praying about your own level of financial support in making the ministries of Trinity a reality through your 2018 commitments. We'll all have an opportunity to offer these in worship on Sunday, November 19.    

I do need to share with you one piece of unfortunate news today. JJ Joseph has made the decision to leave the position of Director of Youth Ministries. If you'd like to know more about JJ's decision and the interim plan for staffing, you can click here .

Lastly, if you've missed either of the first two weeks in The Good Life series, they are available for viewing here .

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday!