Worship: Sundays @ 8:15, 9:40, 11:00 am | Wednesdays @ 6:35 pm
Dear Trinity Friends,

As Hurricane Matthew barrels up the coast, without a doubt much of Florida is in for some frightening and devastating weather tonight and tomorrow.  First and foremost, I encourage us all to be in prayer for safety for all and for our brothers and sisters across the state and in our own community to make good and sounds decisions in anticipation of this ferocious weather.  And as we in Gainesville will likely get rain and high winds (and possibly even tornadoes), Steve and I will be in prayer for all of you.  

I would invite you to think about friends and neighbors who are particularly vulnerable or may need special assistance or care during this storm. Please contact them today to check on them and, if you can provide a safe and comforting environment, consider inviting them to your home for the duration of the storm.  
Also, after the storm, if your home has been damaged or you are in need of assistance, please email or call Trinity's missions office (352.416.3043).  Ted Grueser, Trinity Director of Missions, will be frequently checking those messages as long as he is able. We will make every effort to assist you in any way that we can. You are also welcome to respond to this email and either Steve or I will respond as long as we have internet access.  

For your information, the Trinity property and facilities have been prepared and secured as much as possible thanks to several committed volunteer servants and our capable facilities staff.  What a wonderful crew! The facilities will be closed after 5 p.m. this afternoon and will remain closed all day on Friday.  Please visit the home page of our website or our facebook page for an updated list of specific ministries or events that have been affected.

After the storm, I know Trinity will rally to help those in need across our state and in our own community.  We will keep you posted as we know more about needs and ways you may assist.  Please come to worship on Sunday to learn more.  During the most difficult times, we are comforted because we are bound together in Christ, and it will be good to worship together on Sunday.  Between now and then, please take every precaution and be safe.  

For the last few weeks, we've been looking at who Jesus is, and this Sunday we begin a new worship series, "Losing Ourselves on Purpose." We'll take a look at the ways we are called to speak, act, and live as followers of Christ.  The timing seems perfect in many ways!  This week, I'll begin with "True Humility."  Looking forward to seeing you there!      

Grace and Peace,