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Dear Friends,
What a wonderful celebration we had yesterday evening as Rev. Aaron Rousseau was commissioned as a Navy Chaplain and we gave thanks for his five years of ministry among us. Having his father here to commission him as a Naval officer, coming to the Table as a community of faith, and hearing Aaron's powerful words of appreciation and challenge filled our hearts with joy even as we feel the sadness of his departure. Thanks to your generosity, we were also able to give him four beautiful hand-sewn stoles and a check to completely cover all of his Navy uniforms (with enough to spare for several plane tickets to enable seeing his family as much as possible). Click here to watch the service from Wednesday evening and keep an eye out for a special, final Pastor's Message from Aaron in your email tomorrow. Trinity will be forever grateful for who he is and for his five-year ministry with us.
This fall, the Trinity Vision Team also continues their work, and we need your help! As we discover the next chapter of Trinity's future, we want to invite your input. Our theme for the year is "Deeper" and we're inviting you to have "deeper conversations" with us. We'll immediately begin setting up many individual, face-to-face interviews and inviting you to respond to several questions. If you are willing to participate in one of those "deeper conversations," please call the church office (352-376-6615) or click here to email Jordyn and let her know you're interested. And, if you're called and invited to a "deeper conversation," I know you'll be excited to say, "Yes!"
I also look forward to seeing you Sunday as we consider "Does the Bible Really Say That?" about the statement "God Doesn't Give You More Than You Can Handle." I'll share more about my experience of hearing that statement from the most well-intentioned folks and how it made me feel. I'll also share what the Scripture really has to say about that!
Finally, I encourage you to be in prayer for all of those who will be affected by Hurricane Florence. We pray for those who are traveling to safety. We pray for those who have chosen to stay. We pray for those who are the most vulnerable and rely on others for their care. We pray for all those staged nearby to offer emergency and long-term assistance and recovery. We pray for all those for whom Hurricane Florence will be a life-changing and life-threatening event. Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.
Grace and Peace,