The Pastor's Voice

February 2017
Let's Give God A Praise!

Psalm 96:1-2
"Sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord, all the earth. Sing to the Lord, praise his name; proclaim his salvation day after day."

2016 was the year for looking at new and exciting ways Timothy could present music.  2017 is the year the music ministry plans to make many of their ideas come alive! For the first time in Timothy's history, we will be joining the Thomas Dorsey Workshop of America. This is an awesome opportunity, as it will help connect us with musicians, singers, and choir directors from various regions of the United States and possibly the world. In addition to joining the Dorsey convention, they will be working with a cohort of music enthusiasts to revitalize Boston's chapter of the convention. With our Music Ministry ready to go, the next couple of years promise to be like none other. We will be unified, cherishing the old while embracing the new and ending every challenge on a high note!

I want to personally thank the Music Ministry for their support. 

Pastor Green


Matthew  5:14:  "We are the lights of the world; a city set on a hill cannot be hidden."

It's time for us to let our light shine, that others may see the way to peace through Christ. In solidarity, as we show the way to peace this year, churches, synagogues, temples and mosques are asked to TURN ON CHURCH, SYNAGOGUE, TEMPLE AND MOSQUE LIGHTS FROM  5:00 PM  EACH 1ST  SATURDAY  AND TURN THEM OFF AFTER MORNING WORSHIP THE FOLLOWING  SUNDAY .

Timothy Baptist Church will prayer walk our community each 1st  Sunday  after morning worship.

What Are You Hoping This Year of Jubilee Will Mean for Our Church?

 "This year of Jubilee, I feel that the Lord will move me and the church to do more for our young adults and make it so that we're more involved. This way, we can have our own standing in the church." - Bro. Stephen Grace (right)

"I hope that this year of Jubilee will bring all my friends together as brothers and sisters in Christ because they're not really as accepting to God as I am. I want this year to be more involving of the youth and not so old-school." - Bro. Damani Beebe (left)

"What I hope the Lord will do for me this year of Jubilee is help me get more involved in ministries and in the church as a whole,
 as well as get me closer to Him and develop that special bond. What I hope that He does for the church this year is, as He's doing now, continue to expand the ministries and bring more people into the church.

Jubilee means coming together to celebrate what something has become and this is our year to celebrate what this church has blossomed into, what it started from to what it is now." - Sis. Danielle Brooks

Celebrating Our Youth
The youth are off to a very strong New Year, and I am so very proud to witness their growth. I appreciate their inquisitiveness as they ask questions about God and my sermons. From time to time they may appear not to be paying attention but their questions reflect something very different.
Their faithfulness to attending mandatory meetings have been phenomenal with nearly every young person attending these meetings. I have been made aware of their reaching out to their youth leaders, seeking rides to Sunday School, Sunday Service AND even Watch Night. Join me as we thank Bro. Dashawn Bristol and Sis. Wendy Anderson for their leadership and encouragement of our youth. What's even more impressive is their organization and leadership skills. A special shoutout to Sis. Michelle Carter and Sis. Kristine Frazier for their leadership in providing a foundation.
Brother DaeJohn, the youth president has formed a team to initiate plans for upcoming Youth Nights. Additionally the youth secretary, Sis. Ta-Janae, has put together another team to work on producing a mission statement. Wow! Talk about an amazing group of students; ones who are geared towards accomplishing all God has planned for them in 2017.
Please continue to follow the Youth Ministry; I feel that God has a lot planned for this amazing group of young people.
Let's pray that God continues to work through the Youth Ministry so that He can accomplish His will in them and through them.

View videos, pictures, speeches, and articles about Black History and its origins.

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