January 25, 2015

What Does COMMITTED Fellowship Look Like?

Let us go a little deeper. Have you been reflecting on the true meaning of Hebrews 10:24-25 "What does committed fellowship look like?"
Have you been reflecting and evaluating your attendance and financial commitment?

Committed fellowship goes beyond time spent in service, it speaks to the amount of quality time one spends with the Lord and how that committed time spills over into our everyday lives. It also speaks to the impact we have on others as a result of that committed quality time. 

According to Ernest L. Martin, "Most people misunderstand what Paul was talking about in Hebrews 10:24-25. They assume (and the translators of the King James Version also guessed) that Paul was speaking about coming together in an assembly of people (like in a church) where Christians could speak individually with each other on a personal basis and in the physical presence of each other. Some believe that Paul wanted Christian people to meet more often with one another in "churches" or in their own homes in order to have more personal and physical contact with one another as the End-Time gets near. In other words, some believe that Paul was advocating more personal and physical associations with other Christians as the crucial period of the End-Time approaches."

Since we are a Word church, we must turn to the Word of God to find the answers of how this gathering together is accomplished. First allow me to remind you that Jesus makes it very clear that His 
Ekklesia [God's divine Community] is a group of baptized believers who have associated geographically located throughout the earth. We are to be effective. Read Matthew 5:13. This is crucial! Our gathering together is not just for our growth and development. We are to be salt; that is we are to affect others, we are to impact their lives, we are mandated to educate and teach. Remember our motto "Each One Teach One."

Timothy, I want to encourage you to take this command to heart. Our "Gathering Together" in a proper and biblical manner, that is the gathering of the individual grains of salt (as each of you happens to be) into a unified body of Christians who have a common purpose of mission to teach the Gospel.

Timothy, I want to submit that Paul was moved by the spirit to address the church with this command because he observed that the body was not displaying unity. Ernest L. Martin states, "What disturbed Paul was the fact that NOT all Christians wanted such unity and singleness of teaching. It had even become the custom of some of his readers to "strike out on their own" in an individual manner and they did not want to show the love, good works, and exhortation as a corporate group. The manner of some was to forsake the combined unified thrust in presenting the basic teachings of Christianity. Some wanted to go their own way and not be united in combining their efforts with the body of Christians to whom Paul was writing (Hebrews 10:25)."

So, "What does committed fellowship look like?" I believe what Paul is teaching is that as Christians we should "gather together" in a corporate manner in love and good works. We should be unified and have a single-minded attitude of exhortation, encouraging and teaching. We should be single-minded in exercising faith in the promises of Christ.

Timothy, when we gather together in the true biblical sense we will be single-minded in our desire to build. We will be on one accord with the transformation and the direction the Lord is leading us. I encourage you as Paul encouraged the people of his day to give up their own "pet groups" and their own independent ways that caused disunity and division. He wanted them to unite once again with the main body of believers. Paul's desire as well as mine is for all of us as Christians to "gather together," as a unified and undivided body of believers with an unflinching positive attitude in teaching the standard beliefs of the Gospel.

Timothy, can I count on you to gather together?

Keeping the SON in our eyes,

Pastor Larry Green

Tomorrow my Monday Night Bible Study class will reconvene. In this New Year as we explore the Questions Jesus Asks, I'm trying something new in the spirit of transformation.


Instead of meeting in person we will have Bible Study online! I hope you're as excited as I am. Tomorrow, God willing, we will further delve into today's message: "Satan, You Gotta Get Up Outta Here!" coming from Matthew 12:22-29.


To participate each week, simply call (805) 399-1000 at 6 p.m. and enter the code: 232434#Email to be placed on the class email list to receive our weekly lessons. For those without email, you may pick up a lesson each Sunday after morning worship from Sis. Shanice.


Have your questions ready and let's dig deep!

LENT begins (Ash) Wednesday, February 18, 2015 and ends Resurrection Sunday, April 5th, 2015.

Spend the coming days preparing your heart, mind and spirit. As you pray, seek The Lord regarding what He would have you sacrifice for those 40 days of fasting.

Look for Lenten resources to assist you in upcoming issues of the Pastor's Voice.
Boston's black business leaders raised 110k to provide free admission for 11,000 students to attend the historically relevant movie, Selma

Our Youth Dept. received 20 free tickets to see Selma 
and went this past Saturday to see it; followed by lunch and fellowship afterwards. Visit the Youth Dept.'s page in the coming days for pictures and student write-ups on the film.

Pray for our youth attending Y.E.C. (Youth Encountering Christ), an annual Christian retreat, this weekend.

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