The Pastor's Voice

Stand Up: On What?

"Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong."  - 1 Corinthians 16:13

Have you ever read the biblical account of man's creation?  Take a minute and read Genesis Chapter 1 verses 26, 27, and 28.  

When God created man, his immediate assignment was to keep order on earth.    

This month I implore you to remember - you are the ones standing in the gap.  You represent, in time, God's perspective from eternity.  When you are absent or ineffective that brings destruction, pain, and anguish to our families, our churches, and our communities.

My research, along with other studies, support that there is a direct correlation to societal dysfunction and the dysfunction of the family.  

Data shows 70% of prisoners grew up fatherless or with a lack of a Godly head of the house, 80% of racists had no father, 71% drop out of school, 63% of fatherless teens commit suicide, 40% become single parents, and 72% of African Americans without Godly heads become single parents.  I believe that because we are a spiritual people the lack of that Godly head has a great impact on our children, families, communities, and churches.

We need to acknowledge that our families are in crisis, children are in crisis, our schools are in crisis, our churches are in crisis, and our communities are in crises. We need to stand up, and accept the responsibility that was given to us when we were created.  
Men of God, stand up!

It is imperative that we as men stand in our place, in faith on the WORD, and in Prayer.

Prayer Focus for June

Weeks 1 & 2:  Ephesians 5: 28-29 So husbands ought to love their own wives as their own bodies; he who loves his wife loves himself. For no one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, just as the Lord does the church. (NKJV).  The key for us as Biblical men is to focus on how Christ loves the church.  We know the Bible tells us that He gave his life for it.

Weeks 3 & 4:   Exodus 34:23-24 Thrice in the year shall all the men-children appear -  But it might be suggested, when all the males from every part were gone up to worship in the place that God should choose, the country would be left exposed to the insults of their neighbors; and what would become of the poor women and children? Trust God with them.  Neither shall any man desire thy land -  Not only they shall not invade it, but they shall not so much as think of invading it. What a standing miracle this was for so many generations!

Family-breakdowns in urban communities are a leading cause of violence and trauma that bleed into churches, schools, and the tender lives of our future forerunners of society. Consequently, it is in these same environments where innumerable senseless deaths occur at alarming rates.  
There must be an alternative response to addressing the breakdown in the family.

I believe that we as men must address this breakdown. We must be thoroughly grounded in our understanding of scripture.  Remember, a strong biblical foundation will be pivotal in responding to the needs of our families who are disproportionately affected by trauma associated with urban violence.

Rev. Dr. Larry Green

Calling All Fathers & Father Figures!

As a father, one of the most significant and influential roles you play is that of being a faithful prayer warrior on behalf of your children. Because of the closeness of your relationship, you can know your children as no one else knows them and discern when they most need prayer support.   We have been asked in these days leading up to Father's Day 2016, for all fathers and father figures to pray scriptures into their children's lives.  We are also asking for you to pray for someone you know who does not have a Christian father.

About 250 years ago, British evangelist John Wesley wrote that 
"God does nothing on earth except answer believing prayer."  A nineteenth-century evangelist, Andrew Murray said,  "God's giving is inseparably connected with our asking."  The Bible supports this connection. Over and over again God says,  "Ask of me, and I will "and "If my people will humble themselves and pray, then will I . . ."  and  "Ask and it will be given to you." No matter how you interpret passages like these, one thing is clear:  God wants us to pray. 

Let's Pray.
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