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May 24, 2015
Greetings and BLESSINGS,

This is the day the Lord has made and I am determined to bless HIS HOLY NAME!  God has been good to me.  He has opened doors for me, HE has healed me and I am determined more today than yesterday to give HIM praise.

This is Pentecost  Sunday; t he day we celebrate the coming of the HOLY SPIRIT, the day we celebrate the birth of the church.

Many years ago Jesus gave his followers challenging tasks. He told them to love one another as he loved them -- this is the great command. Jesus also told his followers to "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit." This is the great commission. All of this is not new to us because our mission statement and vision statements use these scriptures as our foundation.

The question before us is how we can accomplish these goals???
 By the cross of Jesus Christ we receive the forgiveness of sins, eternal life and a restored relationship with God. We need more than that in order to fulfill the Lord's commands. God sends his Holy Spirit to enable us to allow God's love to flow through us and to share what God has done with those around us.

I want us to focus on the lesson of Luke's account of what happened on the day of Pentecost when the Spirit descended on the disciples and the church was born. It demonstrates to us what Christians receive with the gift of the Spirit and what we are to do with that gift. 

Timothy, just look around, People of God just look around and you must agree with me we need a fresh wind. A MIGHTY WIND.

Luke writes that while the disciples were all gathered together in one place the Holy Spirit descended upon them like the rush of a mighty wind. The Spirit gives us life. In Genesis God blew into the nostrils of Adam and gave him life. The Spirit blows into our lives and enables us to realize and respond to God's love and grace. The new, eternal life that we have is a gift of the Spirit.

The Spirit blows into our lives and we are empowered to witness and to live victorious lives. Paul tells us that it is through the SPIRIT that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. He also writes that God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we ask or think. This too is because of the movement of the Spirit in our lives and in our world. 

I beseech you by the mercy of God to allow the power of the Holy Ghost to fill your lives.  When the Holy Ghost comes HE will lead us into all truth.  He will change the disagreeable into the agreeable.  He will heal the diseased heart, mind, spirit and soul.  He will make you love those who do not love you.
Today I want to challenge you as Jesus did so many years ago: "to love one another as he loved them" -- "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit."

Pastor Larry Green Sr.

"You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you" Acts 1:8
A Taste of Pentecost

Blessings and Peace to you my brothers and sisters,
This is truly the day the Lord has made and I have determined to be glad in it.  Not only glad but also I will rejoice.  Friday night we experienced a wonderful time of study, praise and worship.  Elder Deborah Ely led a vibrant workshop on PRAISE.  For those who missed it let me highlight the main points:

The Power of Praise and Worship
 When we come to service we should be dressed appropriately, that is with the garment of Praise for the spirit of heaviness. She taught whatever our circumstance we can praise our way through.

 Judah means Praise
After the praise workshop she assisted those present in cultivating their praise and worship.  When in the presence of God we must put into practice what was taught.

I join the CD&E (Christian Discipleship and Education) by thanking our TBC Youth who sang gloriously, Holistic Ministries who took us to another level, New Hope Baptist Church musicians who summoned the Holy Spirit in the truest form of Pentecost and the Gospel Chorus closed out the session.  From start to finish we were abundantly blessed and lifted up!
You are winners in my sight!

Yesterday the Timothy Baptist Church and Bethel Pentecostal churches teamed up together to play their last game of the season.  When one looked at the score board you would think they lost but the truth is when you give it your all, when you had fun and you worked as a team then you are declared a winner In my eyes. 

Congratulations for a season well played! A special HURRAY to the supporters who showed their support by their attendance, cheering, and their enthusiastic encouragement signs and snacks.
Dear Friends,

I pray that you are doing well! We have just come back from  the US after very blessed and refreshing times reconnecting with many friends.

I would like to ask you to pray for us as we are going to be in Bulgaria until mid September for our work. In the meantime, my father will be back in Greece and he needs increasing care day and night. Currently, he has trouble with his back that does not allow him at times to get up or stand up.

In the meantime we will be limited in terms of our entries into Greece due to social security legal issues. I am the only child in the family and this adds additional pressure for us in the next 3+ months although we have help.

Please pray for the following:

 *Pray for my father and us for God's protection in our new temporary home in Sofia, Bulgaria and that the Lord would keep us focused in our tasks ahead
*Pray for obedience and for grace during these trying times and assurance of Christ's presence with my father and us.
*Pray for quality help for ensuing needs my father has.

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers and thoughts.

Ignatius Meimaris
Director Interbalkan Institute of Educational and Economic Development
P.O. Box 105 60100 Katerini Greece







(MAY )

 Who do people say the Son of Man is? (Matthew 16:13-15)


  How will you escape being condemned to hell? (Matthew 23:33)


  Do you still not understand? (Mark 8:21-23)


       Are you so dull? (Mark 7:18)


What do you want me to do for you? (Mark 10:51)


Do you see all these great buildings? (Mark 13:2)

What did Moses command you? (Mark 10:3)

What are you discussing together as you walk along? (Luke 24:17)

Why do you involve me? (John 2:4)

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