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August 11, 2019


The Kenya
Mission Team


"God's Amazing Work in Kenya "


Psalm 22:25-31
Matthew 28:18-20

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August 8, 2019

"The church sent them on their way, and as they traveled
through Phoenicia and Samaria, they told how the Gentiles had been converted.This news made all the believers very glad." 
            Acts 15:3-4

Greetings in the Name of the Lord, Jesus Christ!
The Kenya team is home! We are so thrilled to have them back in the States. Thank you all for your faithful prayers for them while they were away. We hope you can join us on Sunday as they share in both services about the many ways God showed His faithfulness. They are all still recovering from jetlag, but I spoke with Jim Fondelier to gather a few stories before Sunday.
Jim summed it all up in one sentence: "God showed up everywhere we went." Every single step of the way revealed how God had brought the right people together at the right time for His work to be done.
The medical clinic was one such example - they saw over 1000 patients in a week! Two of our team members are medical professionals - Pat Gaudio is a Registered Nurse and Ryan Kruk is a Physician's Assistant. They were joined by Lea Ann Ostergaard serving as medical assistant and a large team of Kenyan doctors, nurses, and dentists. Others on our team provided prayer support for the waiting patients. One woman walked many miles to come to the clinic after she heard about it on the radio. She needed help for a hip injury and also needed glasses. She only had one eye, and she told them, "My eye is dark." Jim said that was a common complaint they heard for people who have no easy access to eye doctors.
The team visited all the schools we support and received a grand welcome from the students who sang and danced for them. This year, Pastor Job also joined them for the school visits so that they could share the gospel with the students and tell them about the upcoming youth conference.
Bruce Tenenbaum served as team pastor and spiritual leader and Jim said at every venue God was speaking though him. It seemed that Bruce had some spiritual energy that only God can provide. 

Pastor Job and his team worked hard to spread the news about the conference before our team arrived, and the response was incredible. Their first tent was big enough for 500 people, but they had to add another tent when the first filled up! On the first day, they announced that they would have a baptism for any students who wanted to be baptized. So they piled more than 120 students into two large trucks and drove them down to the river. Here are a couple of pictures of the baptism.

Each of the team members spoke at different points during the conference, and every time they gave an altar call, students would pour forward to accept Jesus. They estimated that the total number of students who gave their lives to Christ that week was about 2000. Thanks be to God!
These stories are just a drop in the bucket of all the ways the Holy Spirit worked this past week in East Kano. I hope you can join us to hear more - and please keep praying for God to nourish all the seeds that were planted last week.

Pastor Carolyn
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