Pastor Steve Aguzzi - "Lost in Translation"

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June 9, 2019


Steve Aguzzi




Genesis 1:2-3
Genesis 11:1-9
John 1:1-3
Acts 2:1-21

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We will be having a brief Congregational Meeting this Sunday
at 10:15 a.m. for the purpose of electing Elders and Deacons. 

June 6, 2019

Dear MLEPC Members and Friends,
The 2003 romantic-comedy drama entitled Lost in Translation, starring Bill Murray, is a fascinating film in multiple ways. It explores in detail the concept of being "lost," both in a confused, linguistic sense, and in a broader, more existential sense, such as with loneliness, relational stressors, and being uncomfortably stuck in a foreign culture. The film tracks the events of aging actor Bob Harris as he is on the set of a whiskey commercial, and his friendship with Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson). In one particular scene on the set of the making of the ad, Harris is literally stuck in the midst of incomplete translations, poor interpretations, and overall confusion. He senses his own isolation, which plays out as a significant theme in the rest of the movie.

This Sunday, we will explore four brief passages of Scripture that bring up several points: 
1. Being made in the Image of God, intuitively able to communicate by virtue of the fact that we are likewise created in the image of the Word of God, Jesus. 
2. This initial ability to communicate well and sustain relationship with God and other people was marred by our sin and our desire to retract from God and His will, and it resulted in communication that was broken, and relationships that were strained. 
3. At one point, communication in the world was singular, not diverse. All people shared a common language, but they used that "false unity" to sidestep God's will and attempt to build their own palace to the heavens-all on their own, without the inconvenient and pesky input of their Creator. (God eventually intervenes and breaks up this plan.) 
4. On Pentecost, which we celebrate this Sunday, June 9th, God renews and redeems language as a vehicle and tool for the Church to proclaim the Good News of freedom in Jesus. It is not in spite of different languages, but through different languages, that God chooses to make His love and grace known to others.

We will have an opportunity to reflect on God's plan for us individually, for His Church in general, and for our church specifically. We will explore the notion that God calls different kinds of people together, with different languages, cultures, skills, gifts, and ways of looking at the world, united in Jesus as Lord and Savior, to do His will. Last, we will celebrate the fact that on Pentecost, God takes us from being Lost in Translation to being Found in Fellowship. Please join us this Sunday, and bring a family member or friend!

Love in Christ,
Pastor Steve
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