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November 17


Linda Pokrajac


"Never, Never, Never! "


Psalm 3:1-8
1Samuel 19:1-8a

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November 14, 2019 Linda Pokrajac

Dear MLEPC Members and Friends,

It's hard to believe there are just two more weeks in our fall sermon/study series, "In the Line of the King". When I wrote the study this summer, I had no idea that this week's challenging text would be assigned to me to preach on! The story of David and Absalom describes yet more sinful behavior in the family of King David. Simplifying a long and complicated story, David's son, Amnon, takes advantage of his beautiful sister, Tamar, then discards her. Amnon's brother, Absalom, murders Amnon to avenge his sister's death, and then Absalom attempts to take over David's kingdom. The story ends when Absalom dies, and David deeply grieves the loss of this son. Through these chapters, we find three gospel truths shown through the life of David: Sin is NEVER trivial, grace is NEVER cheap, and God NEVER leaves or forsakes those who are truly His.

Last spring, I attended a five-week grief workshop at Westminster Presbyterian Church, facilitated by a seminary friend who is one of the pastors there. It was so well done that I'm praying about being able to do something similar for the MLEPC church family as we have known so much loss this year - 19 precious souls given back to God in just one year. At one of the workshop sessions, David was used as an example of one who grieved well. As I studied David's grief at the loss of Absalom in Sunday's passage then went back and looked at David's life, I found he indeed has much to teach us about "good grief." I'll be sharing those thoughts with you on Sunday.

For our confession of faith in worship, I've selected David's most famous work, the very familiar and beloved 23rd Psalm. Scholars believe this psalm was written by an aging King David, looking back on his life and comparing it to his experiences as a shepherd in his younger years. Psalm 23 reminds us that our Lord pursues us throughout our lives, protecting us and providing for us, much as a shepherd does for his sheep who wander, who need to be led, and who, left on their own, are defenseless. The Lord offers us times of rest - of green pastures and still waters, and He walks with us "through the valley of the shadow of death," those seasons of life that are difficult. Like David in his sinfulness, we need to trust in the Lord as the shepherd who is with us throughout life. The happy ending is that those who believe in Jesus will "dwell in the house of the Lord forever." 

Hope to see you on Sunday!

Love, in Christ,
Pastor Linda
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